What if the dream comes true? o_0"

I have been experiencing great days for the past 2 days.
Had enough sleep.
Woke up early.
Been having proper breakfast.
Arrived 'a bit' earlier to office *heh =P*
and despite the uber slow computer, I managed to multi task like wonder woman and finished my piled up work both office and personal in a very short time. *pats head *

Oh! Oh! I even got my high heel shoe which i ordered online few weeks ago Wheeeeee~~~~

But all those excitement suddenly went down the hill when i received Mel's sms -

"Had a dream in which u climbed up to high spot, and then dropped head first, twice. Do take care"

Owh man...
It's a bad sign man... *Wtf *
Unusually, Mel sometimes have these dream of me falling down from somewhere at least once a year.
I remember receiving one last year and i took it as an account to be more careful *coz it might help u know*
But why can't ppl have a dream of me in some kind of a food land with a lot of 'eat what you want and u wont get fat' signs everywhere =_=
*ergh... i really need to lose weight!!! Babiiiii!!!! *
Anyways, thanks Mel *huggies!*

2 unexpected people buzzed me at the same time today.
*Hrmm~ ironic coincident *
One is still like uncle since fo.eva.
Another is.. oh well. no comment.

Oh! Just got back from Coffee Bean food tasting btw.
Huhu... the new green tea ice blended called 'Red Bean Matcha' is niceeee~~~ *eh.. didn't I say i need to lose weight? :P*
But anyhow, will blog about that later tomorrow... or the day after.

Had a random talk with BB about pregnancy craving on our way home.

"You mean you guys can have this craving anytime?"
"Aha! The time is very unpredictable. And we can even crave for cheesecake in the middle of the night"
"Where to find cheese cake at that hour???"
"Stock lah..."
"Wah la... I know if you're pregnant, I'd have to stock up little italy's tiramisu cake, spaghetti arrabiata, chicken cordon bleu... *thinking of money flying away*"
"*sniggers* that means you have to have lotsa money before AND after i give birth"
"Why so?"
"Coz after gave birth, I need money to go for Marie France ma... one time pregnant, RM8k to invest.. HOHOHOHOHO "

Hahaha. That is of course, will be a story in another few years. heh ~



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