Eveready for december ;)

What d'ya know...
another day to go and we'll be in the last month of the year.
Oh~ am loving Christmas mood.
Kept imagining that snow gonna fall in Malaysia soon haha!

Having said that, there's another 2 weeks left till Hobbycon.
*Palm sweating*
With all the time and effort being put into it, I'm praying that it will be great and successful.

Hobbycon 2009
12th & 13th December, Citymall

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Watched New Moon last night and Astro Boy few hours ago.
Both are so so I must say.
But Jacob's body didn't fail me... *yummy XD*
Thanks THE BODY SHOP for the free movie tickets!
Mars and I were the first to arrive in the movie hall and got the best seats of all ^__^

Before the movie, there were lucky draw and game session at THE BODY SHOP's branch in 1B.
Lucky Serena got one of the grand prize, and I on the other hand won 1st place for the old school Love Calculator game.

Hahaha. Sometimes having long name is beneficial XD

THE BODY SHOP also had a 'love note' contest outside the movie entrance where participants were asked to write the most romantic/creative personal love note.
Some wrote to their parents and loved ones, but most wrote it to their other half.
Gosh... I hope my love note wont sound cheesy =____=
Don't worry... it's definitely not the 'aku cinta padamu' type XD


Mama is offering a great opportunity/challenge which I'm really excited to do.
It's gonna be tough, but extremely worth it.
Let's hope I'll be able to make it happen as well.


I was again, recommended to a new place for body massage.
Unlike the one in Citymall, my hands and legs are constantly covered with few spots of massage bruises from this one XD
It's located in Wisma Merdeka called Japanese Shiatsu and Reflexology (Near Patrick Salon).
It hurts like hell but am loving it.
*die fat... dieeee!!!!!* Haha!

Right after my body massage, and failed attempt to find bloody parking in a traffic Citymall for a meeting, I went straight for another self pampering facial appointment at a place in Beverly Hills called Gloria Beauty.
One of Tracy's friend is working there and she's the best!
Am gonna make this self pampering a routine, probably once a month... or twice ;)


If you're craving for a delicious giant burger, forget the Giant Yankee Burger in NYNY.
Instead, go to Tanjung Aru Plaza food stalls (located outside the building) and find a little hut at the center called Antonio's.

The 'Big Mouth Burger' (RM9) is awesome!
The bun is hot, soft and the beef patty is thick ;)

Though it still doesn't beat my favourite triple layers Beef Ramlee burger at Sadong,
but this is still delicious!

PS: You probably might want to ask them to make the beef patty cooked well-done. It might tasted better than it already is.


Just when I posted "love is like a rainbow. from raindrops mix sunshine, you'll have 7 different beautiful colours" in fb yesterday, I saw 2 rainbows side by side today XD

"Yeah, and it happen fast and disappear fast too. Hahaha", Chiew said in respond to the quote
"oh. and love is like a sun, it's always around, but people just don't notice it until it set"
"errr.... ok~~~ whatever makes you happy chiew"

Sometimes, I sayang him to bits, but he always makes me want to strangle him for waking me up with the truth... (sarcasm added...) *knocks chiew on the head*

Since we're on this subject, someone I cherished is getting engage soon.
It used to be our little plan once upon a time, but the love story ends with a happy but not so happy ending XD
Nonetheless, am trully happy for him and wishing him great happiness ahead :)


Thank god tomorrow is still holiday! Yey~



1 Response to "Eveready for december ;)"

Cath J said... November 30, 2009 at 2:05 PM

Wowww... lovely Rainbow!!!


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