Happy *Glamorous* Birthday Cici!!!

I've done SO MANY surprise birthday party for my friends and special ones,
but I never really did a BIG and GLAMOROUS surprise bday party for my own sister.
So this year is the time to test the water and try organising one.
It was VERY rush and mind boggling experience but IT WAS AWESOME!
Photos will be updated soon.
Lots of cropping and editing to be done @_@
To be continued...


edited post ahead...

Glamorous Theme and red carpet.. checked!
120 Purple and Silver helium balloons to order.. checked!
100 pink/purple cup cake.. checked!
Backdrop and invitation card design.. checked!
Delicious dinner menu and mocktail.. checked!
Guest lists... checked!
MC and karaoke.. checked!

I'm loving her smile as she walked in the door :)

Grand Entrance

One of the moments =)

Cake cutting

Chocolate cheese cake from CUBE

Family group photo

The Party

Cici with Serena, Nadia, Eric and Marissa

Mama and Papa

Papa were asked to say few words about Cici.. haha! Kantoi!

Lovely pink and purple cup cake I ordered

We also had karaoke that night. Cici *hearts* karaoke =)



Hannah dropped by for awhile. What a coincident XD

Rina collecting balloons to tie her wish note after party

Guess who?

Balloon fight

Paksu & Leoni

KC, Cici and Bernard


George - MC of the night

Yam Seng? XD

Dance Floor - EVERYBODY danced INCLUDING KC & Bernard! (I kid you not)

Group Pic

To be honest, I only had less than a week to plan this.
Just to share with you guys, below was the original plan and layout I had in mind...

First of was the invitation card.
I designed it a.l.a VIP card XD

Next was the backdrop, as what you've seen from the above pictures:

Last but not least, the layout *thanks Rina for sketching it out*
Initially, I planned for the chairs to be covered with black clothe wrapped in hot pink bow,
300-500 helium balloons pink and purple balloons,
Barricade and red carpet all the way from entrance to the room,
2 backdrops i.e. one for red carpet moments and one for stage backdrop,
3 layer of chocolate cheese cake,
and 20 CLOSE friends of hers.

But due to budget constrain, increased number of guests from 20 to 40+ and the non availability of the colour table clothe and chair cover from the venue, I had to readjust, squeeze and compress every single one of them but still have all the things I planned.
Thank god, it is all well managed, except 1 glitch that made me quiet irritated.
8 guests that RSVPed TWICE didn't showed up at all!
Not only they're wasting my time and precious money, the worst part was, 1 of them said "Oh? I forgot".
Wth? They almost ruined my night if it weren't for my sister.
*May I remind you, I'm a perfectionist*

But all in all, all I wanted was for my sis to be happy and have the best birthday she had ever had :)

Happy "glamorous" 23rd birthday Cici!
XOXO - Your best big sis you'll ever find,


Thank you Dino, Yakob, Mei, Beverly, BB, Rina and especially my beloved parents for assisting me out, not forgetting all friends who supported and came to the birthday party. You guys made it possible. ^__^

For all photo collection, click here coz it's just too many @_@



3 Responses to "Happy *Glamorous* Birthday Cici!!!"

hambal said... November 11, 2009 at 2:03 PM

Excellent job fara! Can u be my wedding planner pls..? =P

Aya said... November 11, 2009 at 3:52 PM

Hambal - Bisa diatur ;) When's your big day? Muahahahha!

J u l i a 。.゜✿ said... November 17, 2009 at 7:13 PM

happy birthday cici !
bestnya birthday party.
family semua bahagia sangat. =D


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