Hrmm.. massage does help!

I've been going for a lot of body massage recently, and kind to think of it, it DOES help with my stress level.
To be honest... I'm not a person who's easily stress, but when it comes to THE time of the month, lucky ones gonna suffer... BAD. Haha!
Nevertheless, ever since the constant massage, everything goes smooth and dandy.
Not only it helps with my water retention and improves blood circulation,
my body becomes firmer (somehow) and few Kgs dropping down (yey!), not forgetting with the help of few yoga classes and healthy meal in between :)

Talking about healthy meal, surprisingly, out of the blue, I'm beginning to love RICE
(yes! CARBS = TARPS as they labeled it), complete meal like Chicken Hor Fun at Old Town White Coffee, Half Boiled eggs, Fish noodle with tomato soup at Lee Wong Kee and my own home made spaghetti.
Good news is, I didn't gain weight or miss fast food at all.. uuu wow~ Haha!

Some friends have been asking about my Herbalife diet.
It's good, I wont deny it, but it's a high maintenance diet and not the kind of diet i'll follow till i die. It's unrealistic @_@
But I do take the Herbalife protein once in awhile whenever I notice the lack of meat in my diet.

Anyways, since I'm pretty much free today and have the mood to simply do anything, lemme share some personal diet tips. *You don't have to follow it, fyi*


If you have big leg/calve, like me~ (*kof) and wondering why after MONTHS or YEARS of exercise, the inches just wont bug off, you might have water retention problem due to poor blood circulation.

I KNEW this was the problem before and I partly blamed it on my family genetic and high fat food intake, but I didn't know what else I can do to improve it other than doing exercise and diet.

Then, I was lucky enough to meet my ever friendly yoga instructor Monica and Angeline (visit their cool health/food blog here). They pin point the problems, shared lots of tips with me and one of the tips is to go for body massage.

1) Body Massage

Once upon a time, I thought body massage was expensive. The places that I went to (for 4 years) cost me starting from RM150/session, which then, I stop after dompet kering.

Being a noob in this thing, little that I know that with that RM150, I can go for 3 (THREE) body massage at normal / not so grand looking massage/reflexology centre! Thanks to the Ong sisters, I was recommended to go to RWO Massage/Reflexology Centre in Citymall, right beside Celyn Hotel.

Of course there are a lot of massage/reflexology centres here in KK, but to spot a good place and a masseuse that understands your body can be a tough one. Now, am loving Kak Julie from RWO reflexology. She knows my problem, and the massage technique is custom made just for me, myself and I! And the body parts she normally concentrate are my lower leg (back and front) as well as my arm. Nice~! But am telling you, it hurts especially when she spot the blockages. T___T

2) Water Intake Timing

Drinking water at the right time also helps with the weight loss, improve digestion and avoid constipation.

One of the causes of water retention is the lack of water + high salt in your body system.

I use to be confused about this coz believe me, I drink water like a water tank.

Now, after doing lots of research, I learned that instead of drinking 3-5 glasses of water/1 whole big mineral water at a time, just divide them into meals, 30 minutes BEFORE meal and 30 minutes to 1 hour AFTER meal. I'm telling you, it will aid your digestion system a lot and going to poo-poo EVERYDAY will never be a problem.

This is what I normally do.

My routine:


- 2 glasses of water / warm water (not cold) before shower.
- 3 ripe Bananas for breakfast (banana breakfast diet is hot in Japan. and it works!)
- 1 glass of water 30 minutes after breakfast


- 1 glass of water 30 minutes before lunch
- Lunch
- 1 glass of water an hour after lunch

MID Afternoon:

I sometimes snack here. Hehehehe... XD *once in awhile can!*


- 1 glass of water before gym
- 1 to 2 bottle of mineral water during and after gym
- Shower, and then Dinner
- 1 glass of Water an hour after dinner
- 6-8 hours of sleep (am improving here.. yey!)

... and this has become an easy, non-boring routine coz it's natural.

When you put your water intake at the right timing, you'll notice that drinking water is not hard at all. And you'll drink at least 8 glasses of water as we human being required/encouraged to, or MORE, which it'll subsequently improve your digestion, constipation problem and weight loss ;)


Hope what I shared here will help you in any ways.

Time to hit the yoga and dancing class!

Tata and Good luck!!


3 Responses to "Hrmm.. massage does help!"

maslight said... November 18, 2009 at 6:37 AM

*looks at the routine. orz I can't discipline myself to do that. I just can't. orz.

Aya said... November 18, 2009 at 9:19 AM

Of coz u cant. U're a food reviewer. You have a job to do XD hohohoho

Esther said... November 18, 2009 at 12:08 PM

wahhh....i also can't discipline myself >A< no discipline at all.sigh~


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