10 days vacation - First Stop - Seremban

The past 10 days was 'fantabulously' awesome.
Away from home.
Away from Work.
After waiting for darn 8 months, my '4 girls and a guy'
road trip finally became a reality XD

BB & I went ahead first for 3 days & 2 nights stop at his mom's place in Seremban.
And what food did we get for our first 'road to obesity'?


I screamed help but happy at the same time XD

Look at all the cheeeeeeese....
Don't you just feel all fat already? Haha.
It's a Cheesy Double Decker crust Pepperoni Pizza by the way huhu~

Anyways, it was my second visit to Seremban, but the first to spend few nights and meet/mingle with the rest of his other family members =P

We also celebrated BB's belated birthday.
And BB's mom made a creative home made jelly pudding for his cake!
Yummy~! ^_^

BB & I learned that Shin Yi (BB's cousin) is currently studying in MMU Cyberjaya.
It made our conversation went smoothly coz I used to study at the same place as well XD
*Thank god* LOL.

Shin yi sitting in the middle

To be honest, all of them were very nice and made me feel comfortable to be around.
BB's grandma was friendly too, and I was glad she's able to communicate with me in malay.

Shin Yi also brought us for breakfast and to Seremban museum on our day - 2.

We kinda knew that there was nothing much to see really, but i simply adore the Minangkabau style building that I must took a picture of it :)
*Thanks Shin Yi!*

Oh! Remember Si Er?

Si er is the pet a.k.a daughter of BB's mom.
*which I'm pretty sure I introduced her b4*

Mind you, this cat has grown fatter and overweight!
So we decided to give her a daily exercise with one of her favourite food as bait *heh :P*

She can also be quiet linsi at times...
but still stroked a few pose when there's camera around ^_^

One thing about this trip...
finding food was NEVER a problem.
We were constantly being stuffed with home made cooking and cookies!

So with all the major extra calories, I offered myself to join auntie's evening Line Dancing class at the Seremban recreational park.

It was pretty awkward at first with me being the youngest in the group;
nonetheless, the class was enjoyable AND it was a very nice park!
WHY did I forget to snap some photos.. darn it! =_=

Though i didn't sweat much, but at least i felt less guilty :P

Oh! Oh! Our PRE-exercise involved some shopping too! =P
I got myself another MoMoe bag by the way *It was on sale!!!*
And BB got himself a pair of new shoe at a very good bargain!

Before we continue our trip to KL, BB's mom gave me some peppermint herbs that she planted herself as well as a bottle of delicious and soothing peppermint tea.
Fyi, she made a home made peppermint tea every morning for our breakfast, and i kinda addicted to it and shamelessly asked to bring some back home. Hoho XD

I WAS tad worry that the immigration might stop me at the airport thinking that it might be weed or something XD
But it didn't happen haha.
Tu laaa... Malaysian immigration always chit chat while doing their job :P

Gonna continue my next stop in the next post coz tomorrow karajaaaaa~~~

Can I just sleep in the office?



2 Responses to "10 days vacation - First Stop - Seremban"

cindylsy said... April 26, 2010 at 9:51 AM

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
i enjoy hanging out with both of u too~ hope to see u again~!

Cath J said... May 10, 2010 at 10:56 PM

ah-hemmm meet mentua... cough cough... ;-p


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