Puteri Hang Li Po Restaurant

*pfft* I missed yoga & spinning class.. AGAIN.
And this time is because of a loooooong meeting =_="
This can't be happening.
I'm going off to a 10 days trip next wednesday,
and i NEED to burn as much fat as i can!

Right after the meeting, I met up with my parents and sis for a dinner at Puteri Hang Li Po, a Chinese Muslim and Thai Restaurant located at the new Karamunsing block.

Instead of ordering ala-carte, we decided to go for their set menu promotion which is available in 4 different set.

Set 1: RM56 (2-3 persons) for 4 dishes
Set 2: RM99 (4-6 persons) for 5 dishes
Set 3: RM169 (7-9 persons) for 6 dishes
Set 4: RM229 (10-12 persons) for 7 dishes

and every set comes with Rice & Chinese Tea (No Limit) + Fresh Fruit

So my parents decided on Set 2 and the dishes that they chose were:

Black Pepper Beef...
it tasted quiet good.. only that some of them is not fully cooked =_=

Kangkung masak belacan...
I didn't eat this one... but according to my mom it was so-so.

Chicken claypot...
Surprisingly this is nice :) I'd recommend it to you guys :)

Butter prawn and Ikan masak Nyonya Style...
These 2 dishes are the recommended dishes in the menu.
In honest truth, I still prefer Salut seafood restaurant's milky butter prawn and Gayang seafood restaurant's Ikan masak nyonya style :)

We also ordered extra dish, Sotong Goreng Tepung :)
It is a must have dish whenever we dine in any seafood restaurant :)

As for dessert, small portion of fruit ...

Since i missed gym, eating a lot is definitely last thing on my mind.
So i chose to eat most of the fish and chicken XD

All in all, i'd give this place 3/5 for the food, service and ambiance.

The portion is descent & the price is somewhat economical, so no harm in trying it out :)

But personally, i still prefer Salut and Gayang and i don't mind driving far to get 'em :P


3 Responses to "Puteri Hang Li Po Restaurant"

Cath J said... April 7, 2010 at 10:52 AM

wowww.... nama pun glamour... :)

maslight said... April 7, 2010 at 1:07 PM

Alar, hmm, thought of trying there. Hmm but the review so so..*thinks. And the cooking look so biasa.

Aya said... April 7, 2010 at 8:55 PM

Cath: Nama jak XD

Maslight: Yeah.. the cooking IS so so. Wont likely going back there soon :)


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