Hooked with WGM

I cant stop laughing even as I'm typing this.
I know I shouldn't neglect my blog...
but I'm currently so hooked up with the Korean 'We Got Married'
reality tv show.

I'm almost finish watching the Adam couple (Ga In of Brown Eyed Girls & Jo Kwon of 2AM group).
They are both sooooo cute together. Love 'em to bits.
Ga In looks like Marion counter in a way.
I just love those type of look/personality.
not so girly
and confident.

Fuh.. 2 more episodes till their latest show before I'm off to my 10 days chill out/Nom Nom trip.
Will be visiting BB's mom at Seremban, to Penang, Genting and hang out with friends + book and other shopping spree + nom nom outings. *nyahaaa~~ predicting the ++ kilograms in 10 days time*
Any recommendations on where i can find really2222 nice Penang Char Kueh Teow in Penang that is HALAL??? XD
I'm staying in Georgetown btw.

Anyways, I really hope to meet up with my other friends residing in KL as well.
Haven't been seeing most of them after so long... and some might be too bz with work or family.
Some others were very eager by asking me when will I be dropping by to meet them.. but when I did, not much are that available or even reliable :-/
Thank goodness for the many KTM/Monorails around XD

Gonna pack tonite!
Cheerios peeps!


1 Response to "Hooked with WGM"

Dorothy Rimson said... April 20, 2010 at 6:55 PM

Cool..nice post


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