Trisha is a SHE!

It has been COUNTLESS time where BB kept mistaken Trisha as a male cat.
Instead of calling her a 'she/her', he labeled her as a 'he/him/his'.


"LOL! He's a crazy cat"
"SHE lar!"
"Oh yeah... SHE's a crazy cat =P"

"Where's his food?"
"HER food!"
"oh! Where's her food?"

or something like that..
and I kept on correcting him again and again till i reached one point which i can't take it anymore @_@

He said, "Please close the door, else he'll go in again"
"It's a SHE baaaah! SHE SHE SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!", I shouted to my heart's content.

Then he burst out laughing =_="

June updates :)

I've been meaning to blog this post since last week
but i just couldn't get my camera's memory card read!

Now that every event is overlapping each other,
i guess i will have to update on what had been happening for the past few days in one go :)


BB been fetching me to office since I got back from Japan.
Felt bad that he has to wake up early in the morning just to make sure I arrive in the office EARLY (7.30am) <-- *I'm famous for being late *

In return, I prepare him a healthy meal every day to compliment his new diet * I BB*

I have a new member in my family :)
Let's say hello to Trisha ^_^

Cici found her in DBKK few weeks back.
Her presence at home during her first 2 days was a slight disaster.
She shitted everywhere including on my bed!
But now that she has been potty trained, everything went smooth and dandy :)

KK Jazz Festival is finally over.
Other than assisting the publicity team in facebook/radio promotions,
I was also put in charge for whatever appeared on the projector screen during the event ^_^

This year's Jazz Festival was the best.
With bigger stage, better quality sound system,
awesome performers, (I love Island Jazz Connection from Penang & Mood Indigo from United Kingdom), I couldn't asked for more... except a good weather (it was pouring like mad! @_@)

My Father's Day Celebration was great as well ^_^

Did you see the cupcakes?
The golf deco is cute right? :P

Since Boutique Cupcakes was fully booked at that moment,
I ordered from Ebony instead and gave her a golf theme reference I got from the internet.

The vanilla base tasted good to me, but the fondant is not my cup of tea.
It tasted slightly like medicine

Since Papa is diabetic, he was banned from eating the fondant XD


Paksu joined a karaoke competition in Palace Hotel and made it through the final.
We all went to cheer for him last night, and he bagged 4th place out of 10 finalists.

It was a very close match between him and the 3rd place winner.
But oh well, he did his best :)
Try again next year Paksu! Ganbatte! XD

Oh! Oh! Last but not least,
2 of my friends/colleagues got hitched officially =P

One of 'em was Serena who got engaged on the 1st of June :)

Next was Clifton who got married on the 17th June at Le Meridien.

Congrats Serena & Jim!!!! Congrats Clifton & Yih Ru!


Fuah~ finally!
All out of my chest!
It's lunch time ;) Chiao!

drama.. drama.. so much drama.

There was an episode in my life where i've encountered countless beating up happened in my distant family, friends and acquaintances .
some were left with bruises on their face/hands/body,
some were thrown punches at the stomach to not show any bruises (clever),
some were kicked like animals,
worst... one of em was given death opportunity e.g. car break pedal not working.

BUT, ironically, these victim seems to think that some sort of violence is still tolerable.


Some tolerated because they don't have anybody/anywhere else to turn to,
Some are too young and scared to seek for help,
Some refuse others to help and decided to settle behind close door,
Some stayed because of children,
but in most cases, they are blinded in the name of 'l.o.v.e'....
until it was too late to get out of the situation.

Despite what triggered it off... still, in my personal opinion, i don't think any type of violence, against women especially, is warranted under any type of circumstances...
I'm not so sure how they managed to give the bully a chance,
as even i would shout back at anybody who shouted at me or even try to lay their finger on me.
It's just beyond logic!!!!

Ever read 'I got flowers today...' poem?
I would never want that to happen to me.
Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

No matter how strong a love can be, i'll never know what's coming when I'm married in the future,
but i always keep in my mind that I wouldn't allow myself to be treated violently.
I'm sure most of you wouldn't allow it either... unless you are mentally unstable & is jeopardizing your life.

Point is, i know that my opinion might not be the gold standard of which everything should be gauged.
For those of you who are reading this, but not in the same wavelength as me, might even make ugly expressions and the 'yap~ yap~ yap' gestures.

Well different people have different opinions... :)

Some people are o.k with somethings, some people are not.
Some people support homosexuality, some people don't,
Some people are alright with sharing husbands, some just won't do,
Some people don't mind being beaten up, some won't even settle for it,

The question is always, what is the gold standard?

If this violent act were to happen to my close family members,...
though as concern or as helpful as i can be,
in the end, it depends entirely on their decision.

Some could end the relationship in a nano second,
some might take years to find courage to let go.

Though it will definitely be painful to watch knowing what you have known, in the end, again, it's all about respecting their decision.

who am i to judge whether what happened is an indication to a happy ending or not?

It is also perhaps how our parents feel when they see us making silly mistakes.

Do they allow us to go through it and learn, or curtail our independence & lock us up so we never have the possibility of making bad decisions?

I guess when we have children, maybe, we will understand the delicate balances in life.


KK Jazz Festival is back and it's just 3 days away!!!

Just in case you need to share this info with your friends, below are the details of the festival, the bands and the workshops ;)


  • Date: 18th & 19th June 2010 (Friday & Saturday)
  • Time: 7pm – 11.00pm
  • Venue: Tennis Arena in Sutera Marina Club, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
  • Other info: A charity focused musical extravaganza, jointly organized by the Rotary Club of Kota Kinabalu (RCKK) and the Society of Performing Arts Kota Kinabalu Sabah (SPArKS). All funds raised goes to clean water projects by RCKK


RM50 (1 day ticket which can be acquired at the main entrance only) & RM80 (2 days pass ticket which can be acquired at all Coffee Bean outlets in Kota Kinabalu Sabah)


Day 1:
  • Fingerstyle – Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
  • Sabah RTM Combo – Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
  • Island Jazz Connection – Penang, Malaysia
  • Amir Yussof & Roots – Kuala Lumpur / Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
*Surprise appearance by Atilia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Day 2:
  • Kidz – Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
  • UMS Big Band – Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
  • Organamix – Singapore/Thailand
  • Mood Indigo – UK
  • GPJQ – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Workshop 1:

“BIG BILL BROONZY: The story of a man…The story of the blues” by William Grealish of Mood Indigo

  • Date: 17th June 2010, Thursday
  • Time: 8.00pm – 10.00pm
  • Venue: Theatre, Sutera Harbour Marina, Golf & Country Club
  • Entry: RM20 / pax

Workshop 2 -

“Stylistic Interpretation in Jazz” by Wilson Quah of Island Jazz Connection

  • Date: 19th June 2010, Saturday
  • Time: 2.00pm – 4.00pm
  • Venue: Theatre, Sutera Harbour Marina, Golf & Country Club
  • Entry: RM20 / pax

See you at the festival!!!


DJ Fuzz - Live in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah! (Free passes for bloggers!)

Happy TGIF bloggers!

I have 10 FREE passes here with me for the first 10 lucky bloggers to check out the Celcom Xplay party with DJ Fuzz LIVE tomorrow night, 12th June 2010, together with DJ Xu, Lapsap & Thaitanium, 9.30PM, at Bed, Waterfront!

All you gotta do is submit to me your blog address before 11.30PM today!

So hurry up! 8 more hours to go!

For more info, visit

Xplay Kota Kinabalu Event:

Date: 12th June 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 9.30pm till Late
Venue: Bed, Waterfront, KK

Muka no 'Lui'?

I had enough with Kenji,
and I've decided to downgrade my camera back and use the old Sony DSC-W90 Digicam instead.
Better handling.

But since it turned kaput last year for no reason (last person to hold it was Nadia),
I headed to Fotomat, Centre Point, to fix the Sony W90 and asked one of the lady boss for the price of new memory card, battery, charger & transfer cable just in case one of em was the cause of the problem.

While waiting, some pilak look-a-like kid who was one of the worker there butt in into my conversation with BB about Blackberry/Blueberry phone.
(What the....)
So... not understanding his gibberish Philippino accent (no offense) English, I ignored and continued looking at the phones.

Who knows suddenly he continued asking me stuff that is SO-not-clever:

"Are you sure you have the money and can afford to pay for all the item you asked for?"
"*squinting my eyes* And why not?"
"Coz the prices for memory cards (and bla222) just jacked up (and bla222)"
"Wait till the girl comes back... you'll see~ *smirk*"
"@_@ *astounded* "

What the hell?
Who are YOU to tell me that?!
My muka 'no money' punya face ka???

Right when the lady boss came to give me my stuff and explain all the technicalities of my digicam, I told her off, pointed my finger at the boy who was just right behind me, *he and his friends were stunned for a moment* to watch his mouth and that he is in NO PLACE to say to ANY customer whether or not they can afford any items in the shop.

The lady boss was blur for a moment and asked me again which boy I was talking about.

Then I pointed at him again"This one" , and looked at him, with smirk and the word 'satisfy' written all over my face. Lalala~

Revenge is a bliss. *hops to eat McD for lunch*

Oh yey~ my digicam is back and alive again!



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