Say bye-bye to September :)

There are 3 things am looking forward to in October... :)

1) Family dinner with BB's dad this coming Sunday(Boutique Cupcakes press conference, Eva's 1 st bday and Hobbycon audition on the same day)
2) Launching of Boutique Cupcakes on the 7th
3) Getting my long awaited 'key' ^_^

Things had been on a rocky road side this week.
Was tad hurt on an occasion; but really, it was over a small matter.
But what hurting me most was the sarcasm and name calling involved over an advice, which i questioned myself, 'what are you going to call me next?'
Which in conclusion made me come to my senses that i will tolerate no more.
There is a boundary of respect in whatever jokes and quarrel towards the people you love.

Sometimes i wonder, if i were stern 2 decades back, will things be different now?
...... Nah~ I don't think so.

All september babies birthday in my list is finally over.
Had so much fun bringing smile to their faces ^_^

Marissa had her Vampire Knight birthday *sort of* at Sailors Cafe.
It was a simple celebration and i really hope she like it :)

Lol! Expression.. Priceless ;)
I meant Marissa's.. (in blue) not mine XD
Thanks Mas for capturing this!
PS: Some photos below are credited to Mas and Rum

Cupcakes as usual, was from the talented Angeline Han of Boutique Cupcakes.
I requested for anything that is related to vampire-ism.
She must have been annoyed with all the reference pictures i sent to her email XD

The flowing blood suppose to signify the bite mark XD
Purple and black mainly coz it's marissa's favourite colour :)

For dinner we had:

Soup : Russian vegetarian borsh (a very hearty tomato based soup) served with baskets of garlic bread drizzled with olive oil & beetroot reduction

Entree : Teriyaki beef ball & Sailors baked chicken wings

Mains : Creamy carbonara with fettuccine & Fish & chips

Dessert : Ice Cream & fruit platter with blood red orange sauce

All food are at RM25 nett/pax.
Thank you Nestor!

As usual, group picture for the ladies!

The rest of the boys were too busy with Lim's new iPhone 4.
The girls joined in right after XD

Happy birthday Marissa!!!


Rina's celebrated hers on the 28th, same date as Robin.
She mentioned she wanted to go to Little Italy (AGAIN),
So a birthday girl is a birthday girl :)
She deserved a treat and not the other way around ;)

Did you guys notice something?
Not only we celebrated at the same venue as last year,
but something else is similar as previous year too XD
*jangan marah rina*

Happy Birthday Rina/Robin and a belated wish to Alvin and Lai as well!


All Boutique Cupcakes team are quiet busy as the grand opening day is nearing.
We had our last meeting at Mosaic and safe to say that some little things are settled finally!
We had all the flavours in our hand and had fun playing around with the names and description XD

I know some of you been asking for the new flavours, but i can't reveal them just yet.

This is what i had for lunch over discussion by the way:

No worries. I went for an hour cardio earlier hohohoho~

Muehehe... You can't read them can u?
Written are the price of the cupcakes XD

Oh! Speaking of food, I finally went to The Little Kitchen Restaurant for dinner.
I had my first day of period that day and my whole leg felt hurt from it.
So instead of going to the gym, i treated myself a pizza and a lamb shank! Hua hua hua~!

Anyways, back to Boutique Cupcakes story,
I'll be joining the Boutique Cupcakes training this Saturday.
I really2 can't wait for the opening on the 7th Oct.
The launching will be in the morning and a cupcake party will be held at 8pm-10pm for invited people only.

If you buy Boutique Cupcakes cupcake starting from the opening day till end of October 2010, you can also stand a chance to win cool prizes! (which i will put the promo poster soon)
Will tell you more once everything is finalised okay? hihihi! *excited*
So come 1, come all!


Last but not least,
a big congrats to my cousin Ejeck on his wedding day.
His wedding marked him as the first to wed in my generation (father's side) XD

Here are some photos during 'malam berinai' ... (the day before)

And on the wedding day itself (the next day)...

My cheeky prince in blue came along as well :)
I saw lots of ppl looking at him wondering who the heck is he.
They might be asking "siapalah budak cina sesat ni..." XD

Okay... i know my cousin is younger than me..
and stop asking the bonus question already.
Let me take one thing at a time XD

As mentioned, am gonna have a family dinner between my family together with BB's dad.
This is the first time both meeting up and we really hope for the best ^^



Ain't life sweet with friends and food ^_^

Lots of thing had happened for the past 1 week.
And i felt 1st day of Hari Raya was just like yesterday XD

Since Raya is celebrated for 1 month,
open house celebration is still on here and there.
I'm scared of weighing myself though i've been going to the gym often *huhu*

Top 2 open house that i went to was at uncle M.Y. Ibrahim's house, owner of the Lagenda restaurant in 1B and Ezwan's parents house at Papar.
Whenever I visited uncle M.Y. 's house, roasted lamb and laksa will be the first on my list!

At Ezwan's house in Papar, I LOVE the rendang, ikan bakar and best of all, kicap & cili padi *zassst!*

With the new management, my company also held a small scale company open house at Hyatt.
It was a first time practice for this company (usually they did a buka puasa instead of an open house) and I was the MC for the opening :)

Food was A-ok.
Didn't take any photos as I was hungry from fasting XD (puasa ganti + puasa 6)

Fasting after the first week of Raya is good for the body.
I can't rely on gym alone ><" But if you're a sport person, you can try the new wall climbing at Likas (near the new skate park beside Likas Sports Complex) Word of advice though, WEAR your sports attire before going there.
The one climbing was cicak-Rum, just incase you're wondering.
We're encouraging and supporting his weight loss plan.

BB love this place.
First time there and he's already at the top :P
My spiderman ^_^

If i were to climb, i might need some help like this kid. HAHA!


I have been spending lots of my time at Mel's house after work.
Since it's not so often for her to be home this long, i took the opportunity to catch up with her, get all that marriage life and new mother tip as well as baby sit/play around with Seri ^^

Seri is so beautiful :)
Holding and taking care of her was a joy *Mel is so lucky ^^*
and she smell so good!!!
Fresh and innocent :)

But just like every babies in the world, Seri does has her cranky moments which every mother has to bear with ^^
But motherhood as what i've been told is fun and every moment is special :)

Poo poo time! XD

While i was there, I've also been jumping on the Dance Dance Revolution pad with Serene and Fay especially on days i skipped gym XD

Speaking of motherhood earlier, I have a mother in my room too XD
And that would be Trisha!

On late night of 1st sept, Trisha gave birth to 3 cute kittens.
The first one is female, born around 10.30pm and the other 2 male kittens born after mid night of 2nd Sept.

As we have expected, her kittens came out black =_="
We were a bit dissapointed that none of them followed her, (the father was a big ALL black cat), but thanks to her local siamese breed, her kittens have greyish stripes which will look really beautiful once they reached 2 months old ;)
You'll see :)

Here are the kittens at 1 week old...

Lol! See the big hole?
It was Trisha's doing.
EVERY NIGHT she will bite the box off till it came to this!

Yup... I have a ganas mother cat XD

And here are the kittens at 3 weeks old, getting naughtier and always crawl out of the box to see the world (i.e. my room) ;)

Hehe.. all of them are now with opened eyes.
I hope their eyes (at least!) will remain blue just like the mother :)

Hihihi! Can't wait for another month!
I will keep you guys updated.

As for now, you can view more photos of Trisha here


September is a month marked with lots and lots of birthdays.
If you've been reading my blog, you'd know every few days in September, there will surely be a birthday celebration/surprises.
On my calender alone, I have marked half of the 30 days with September babies @_@

Unlike previous years, am just gonna post selected ones *too many photos!!!*

Here's from Dino's birthday at The Roof :)

The food was DELICIOUS!
Dino's babe, Aiko, brought her restaurant's recipe all the way from Kelana Jaya, KL.
Am loving each and every dish served.
SLURPPPP!!!!!* Aaah~~ Nyum~ Nyum~

The Boutique Cupcakes team (including mua~) presented Dino with a chocolate cream cheese cupcake.

Sorry for not joining the after party!
Still, I hope u had a blast birthday!!!
Happy birthday 'daddy dinosaur!' XD


Lenore's wedding was on the 18th Sept.
Her wedding was held at the Sacred Heart,
and it was my first time attending a church wedding :)

I am so happy for Lenore.
She made her wedding simple, i.e.
wedding at the church - reception at the church - fly off to Sydney for honeymoon the next day.
How cool was that?
Simple, and they get to keep their extra wedding-splurge cash just for the two of them to enjoy!

Well, I would want to do the same,
but I don't think my parents would agree on that.
But what I do know is that after what happened this week (which I will save the story for later), i've toned down my dream wedding to a much smaller scale; coz in the end, all I wanted to be is with my Mr. Lee :)


Anyways, yesterday was moon cake festival.

Lai brought a set of moon cake from Amway to the office.
I love love love the pandan flavour!!! Huhu~~~
The yolk was rich too hohoho ~~ *counting cholesterol*

As BB and i were driving back, I took a picture of the full moon.
BB kept on saying there's a shadow on the moon that shaped like the girl in the legend as well as her rabbit.
A minute there i got confused with another chinese legend where the goddess and a human only get to see each other once a year at ... a bridge?
What celebration was that?
As for the lady and the rabbit.. how did the rabbit came into the picture?
Lemme know if you guys have some online reading materials about these legends.
I'd love to know the details XD

Whatever it is, tho it's belated, I wish all my chinese friend a Happy moon cake festival!

See you in my next post! XD



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