Jakarta, here I come!

In few hours time, I'll be flying off to Jakarta for the 2nd time.
This time, it's not for shopping only, but am also going to witness the soft launching of Creative Dreams International at Sahid Jaya Hotel on Sunday! *wohoo!*
CDI is finally in Indonesia!
Talking about pioneering a business in a new potential country ;)
No competition and prospects are MANY!
If you missed out on this launching, fret not.. there will be a BIGGER and GRANDER launching just few months after it. You'll get to travel and join in the fun that comes with a big possibility of success journey ;)
So make sure to keep yourself up to date by following their blog at http://focusa-team.blogspot.com/

Anyway, while I'm in Jakarta, I'll be switching off my data roaming there and will fully depend on WIFI connection to go online.
Don't think i'll be blogging as I don't have a laptop.
Gosh... i must get a laptop or at least a proper desktop soon.
Mama said I could purchase it and claim from my income tax (Max RM3000 and in once in 3 years only).
But too late.. i've submitted my income tax for this year =___=
Hrmm... do we have an irs extension form or is there anyway we can extend income tax submission here in Malaysia?

One of the places i MUST go to Jakarta is to Mayestik.
Oh! and not forgetting Tanah Abang for that UBER DELICIOUS cendol (omg~~~) and bulk shopping in Mangga Dua.
Aight! Time to go peeps!
Be good and will be missing you guys!

Hey, gimme more tips to buy fabric in Jakarta!




2 Responses to "Jakarta, here I come!"

maslight said... May 12, 2011 at 3:26 PM

I got distracted by the whole laptop and claim income tax thing LOL!

Aya said... May 12, 2011 at 3:45 PM

Yes u can! Minta ur dad if u don't have any =D I will be purchasing towards the end of this year after the whole wedding thing settled :p then claim from income tax. Make sure u ask the vendor to use one receipt especially those yang suka beli pc part asing2.


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