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Last Thursday, Foxy and I brought Caleb to 'The Hut' to celebrate his belated birthday on the 19th of July. I must say that last thusday was definitely a lucky day for Caleb. Not only he received ang pow from the colleagues (bday collection for July babies), malam pun kena belanja makan. hmmp~ hmmp~ hmmp~

After eating and chatting at the 'The Hut', Caleb brought us to a juice shop called dZert in damai. The juice and the Avocado Mix Fruit was soooooo deliciousssss!!!! Forget about the Papaya Juice that i drank. Let me explain about the avocado Mix Fruit that Caleb and Foxy ordered.

Avocado Mix Fruit is a mixture of blendered avocado with small scooped of different type of fruits i.e. mango, kiwi, honeydew and watermelon. Just by seeing the food presentation, you'll feel like a little kid being presented with so many colourful delicious candies!! And it tasted soooo goooodd!!

And for that, I dragged Caleb and Foxy (with Lai) to dZert again last Saturday! Mak aiiii!!! I couldn't help to think about all the fattening facts about avocado. Why fattening you say??

One medium-sized avocado contains about 165 calories, and one pound of avocado contains about 890 caloriessssss!!! It's like you makan nasi with lauk! or makan burger! Or makan fish and chips or even spaghetti bolognaise!!! That's a lot for me!!

This is what I found on search:

"Avocados are packed with nutrients. They are useful sources of vitamin B6 and monounsaturated fat. Due to their high vitamin E content avocados have powerful antioxidant properties which help slow down ageing, protect against cancer, heart disease and many other problems. The fat in avocados is mostly "good" fat - the same type found in olive oil, which studies have shown lowers blood cholesterol. However, avocados are relatively high in calories."

"........................." yeah... thanks a lot for nothing!!! Uwaaaa!! Gemok la niiii!! Yada~~~


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