Happy Chinese New Year!

Welcome to the year of the Boar.. a.k.a Caleb's most favourite meal... The PIG. Ergh~ According to Lilian Too, the 3 Zodiac which are the Monkey, The Horse and The Sheep will be showered with good lucks and fortunes this year; whereas the Rat, The snake and The OX might not.

My sis Cici is in the year of the Tiger, and she's going to fly to Aussie soon for her final semester. Since the tiger is said that this year is a good opportunity for them to improve and to bring them a head from the previous year, i think I don't have to worry too much about her coz I'm definately sure she'll achieve her final exam with flying colours. Just to be on the safe side, don't enjoy too many Aussie excitement sis until you are through with your exam. As for my baby Sis (The Horse) whom has been said to be flourished with good luck this year, I hope the luck coupled with never endless prayer to Allah, will guide her through her SPM with flying colours as well. :D

One of the things that interest me while hearing to Lilian Too was that, if either one of your parents born in any of the 3 lucky Zodiacs mentioned above, they too will get the benefit from it. :P Kuuuu~~ ku~ ku~ ku~ ku~ Why? Coz my mom borned in the year of the Monkey! Kih! Kih! Kih! so as Caleb! Haha! I hope this year I'll achive more success, have better luck and more importantly MONEYYYYYY!!!! (I am so awful). But sadly, generally, those who are born in the year of Boar will have more difficulty in terms of love and relationship. I wonder why... (maybe coz we're so greedy in terms of money) Choy!

Plus, it is said that the boar itself is not seen to be very lucky this year, due mainly to the conflict elements of fire and water. Don't ask me what the heck that I'm talking about. Go check the zodiac stuff yourself. Fyi, i also came across a statement that says "THE BOAR is perceived to be the laziest and most sluggish of the 12 creatures in the Chinese zodiac, so lazy that it ended up last in the rotating cycle of animal signs" <--- Sedeeeeyyyyy~

Anyhow, let us cut the crap, shall we? =P how was your CNY celebration? KK city especially the Gaya Street area is so beautiful with the Chinese New Year decoration. It looks so much like China Town. I have to say, the present Mayor have put so much effort in introducing and applying new things to KK city. However it is, not much ang pow for me this year.. My sis and I only got it at Puan Suzannah Liaw's house. During her open house, we saw a drunken 'Pak Cik' (another version like the one we encounter in Singapore, but this one is more behave) dancing following the music. Surprisingly, he can sing! Vast Pakcik. Sebijik macam karaoke rosak. Masuk Sabah Idol lah. Number One terus. :P

Beautiful Gaya Street, Thanks Mayor (ek ele.. ayat skema betul)

Irreplaceable Sistas

Lovely mama with Puan Suzannah

Want some oranges? =P

U bet we won't give it to ya!

Coz we've licked it over and over again... Kuuu~ ku~ ku~ ku~ ku~

My colleague and I also went to our Big Boss house a.k.a. Mr. Edwin Liew & YB Melanie Chia's house. There was a Lion Dance performance. As always, the Singa-Singa is sooooo handsome and cute! So as their performance. Marissa said that if you touch the Lion's head, You can get luck from it. Well, what the heck, I've touched it's head few times just to get enough luck for this year of the Fire Boar. Can't be to greedy though..coz if i were, I'd be beating off the Lion's head till the person inside it faint and drop on the floor. Oh! We got ang pow too (only for those who are not married) cool!

Marissa & I with the handsome and cute red Lion!

I hope you guys had a wonderful Chinese New Year celebration! Gong Xi Fa Chai!!

PS: Where are all the other Lion Dance??

Mosaic Time

It's a lovely Saturday morning and it's time for our usual family outings! We had nothing better to do anyway. My mom, both sis and I went to Wisma Merdeka. Since tomorrow is Chinese New Year, all shops will close before 6pm coz the shopping mall itself will close at 8pm.

We went to the optical shop for my sis's contact lense, browsing around for gifts and new clothes and not forgeting new shoes. :P When our stomach growled, we walk to mosaic for our lunch.

The pizza was okay. And the burger was so-so. we still love Chilies Restaurant in KL. The burger was enormous and delicious. So as the one in T.G.I Friday. Even so, i really love the soda with vanila ice cream. Why? Coz the home made Vanila ice cream that they made was sooooo delicious! and when they coupled it with the soda...grr.. Really gave me a mouthgasm there. Too bad I don't have the picture here.

Pepperoni Pizzaaaaaa~

The ever fulfilling & fattening food

Go green gurl!

Cici Maya & Me!

Mama Mar & Tomoyo-chan!

Since most of the Chinese community will have a good family dinner tonight, throwing out the bad lucks and are so ready for tomorrow's CNY's festive, I wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year!! Gong Xi Fa Chai! Ang Pow lai-lai!

New Family Members

Ladies and Gentlement.. introducing our new family members... P.I.N.K.Y & T.A.K.O!!!! First and foremost, let us start with little pinky. Ok.. here's the thing.. I don't know whether She's a she.. or He's a He. If She's a she.. the name is kinda cute. But since cici said he's a He.. errr... and despite Pinky's skin colour is Pink.. ermm... then.. He's still kinda cute.. *wink* *wink* and he belong's to Cici. You can say that Pinky is just like her son. But i really hope she won't call any of her children 'pinky' in the future. Jangan marah haaa...

Whatever it is, Pinky was given to Cici as a present from her beloved one. Ever since then, pinky follows Cici everywhere. Do you know that he is very clever? Come.. I'll assure you. He can walk, he can talk on the phone, he can dance, he can swim, he watches TV, he drives, follows Cici in her bag all the time, sleeps with eyes open, and has a butt smells like milk candy. Cool huh?

Pinky on the Phone. Very busy! Do not Disturb!

Pinky in Pink Bag!

Pinky keeping all Ferrero Roche to himself

Pinky hunting for more chocolates

Pinky watching Soap Opera.. he doesn't want to show his tears =P

Pinky with his new Hip-Hop shirt

Another new member is Tako. A present given from Cici to Nadia. He has big round eyes and have 6 legs. I haven't yet to see his ability. But i know he can sit's on Nadia's shoulder without falling down. Why? because he's butt is heavy which enable him to balance on whatever things he sits on. :P Tako loves to sit on Nadia's study lamp and become Nadia's security guard. His colour really compliment our new painted Green Tea & Toffee coloured room. Pinky and Tako doesnt talk much to each other, so I can't say if they're siblings.

PS: Tako's photo will be updated soon!

Ok.. aku dah merepek banyak. Just talking about dolls gives me the creep especially when it reminded me of the Pinnochio thriller movie. Shaiks*! I'm hungry and gonna run downstairs to grab myself a big mineral water and munch on chocolates and Keropok Mimi. Adios.

Sayonara Dear Mural

I've finally painted my room and huhu... so sad that the mural painted by my bestfriend Melissa and I have to be wiped out. The mural is almost 10 years and it is one of the biggest treasures to remind of our friendship. It is also a treasure to remind the years we went through, and that I've been blessed with a wonderful friend. The memories of us painting it will always be cherished inside my heart.

T-T <-- Sad mode

My Room

This is suppose to be Melissa =P

This is Aya desu!

This is Farmeliss, underwater!

Valentine's Day

Valentine's day, a day to appreciate your loved ones and a day to bring your family & friends closer, be it Father and daughter, Mother and Son, Siblings, Colleagues, bestfriends & more. How was your Valentine's day? I know I had a really wonderful time yesterday. In the morning, I was on a half day medical leave to meet Doctor Ganesh in Karamunsing for my monthly Asthma medical check up. Was kinda frustrated that he was on holiday and was replaced by another doctor. Doctor slowmoooo! Dah lah lambat. I was the first one there and he/she was still not in at that time.

Then a cute guy came into the clinic bringing his morning coffee/tea smiling. I thought he was just an ordinary sick guy (Duh.. how more stupid can I be at that moment) but he went on straight into the doctor's room. Shannaro! He IS the doctor slowmo! Love the smile though. My heart was pounding just looking at his smile and the way he talks. Yeah, i know that i can be hopeless romantic and fall into puppy love if you need to call it once in a while, but i gotta say, there's something just different about this one. Lalalala~ Hmm.. Maybe it's his personality (which i find most important in anything and everything else), ......ehem.... Ok..Ok.. sudah yer.. jangan nak tergedik. Cupid, stop playing games! with a guy like that, he'll be so busy to notice anyone that is soooo average-jane. But still, took my breath away. I did wished him a Happy V day. Aih.. after 23rd Feb Pakcik Ganesh tu balik. So much for a new face.

Next, I went out with my colleagues for our Valentine's lunch at Portview Seafood Restaurant. We wished each other and we had a really good time. Having great friends around you is so blessful. Like they say, making a THOUSAND friends a year is not a miracle. The MIRACLE is to make A FRIEND who stands by you for A THOUSAND years.

For dinner, my mom, my siblings and I went to Beverly hotel for their special Valentine's Buffet. It was really awesome and filled with so many delicious food to eat! Lines of raw salmons, Sushis, Pastas, Pizzas, Roasted meat, Chocolates, Desserts and grrrr... sooo much more! We also won the lucky draw which entitle us for a High-Tea for two. :D Coooool~ and today, I received bonus! I thought the new comer like me won't get even a bit bonus compare to others who have worked longer. Kuuu~~ ku~ ku~ ku~ ku~ . For the past 3 days, my days were filled with lucks and happiness! Kakuii desu!

Tomoyo & I
Lovey-Dovey! (Japanese version)

Cici & Mama
Gorgeous Maya & Mama Mar

Yummy desu!

Anyways, my Valentine's day was so cool. As what my mom and sis mentioned, even though you can appreciate your loved ones everyday, but do you give them flowers every day? prepare or went out for candle lights dinner everynight? Conveying love and appreciative messages to them every single minute? In other words, to me, Valentine's day is not a symbolic day for lovers only. It's also a day just like birthday and mother's day. i.e. You are born everyday, everytime you wake up from your beautiful sleep; and you can appreciate your mother everyday as well. But on their special day, that's the time when you put your 150% effort from your normal 100% to gather together, create surprises, find presents, set a date, cancel all appointments just to be there for them :)

There...~ That's my Valentine's 2007 story. I hope you guys had a wonderful Valentine just like i did :D Sesi berceramah dah habis. Sekian... Maceh~ Maceh~.


PS: Hana wa arigato, fushigi no otoko. Demo, anatawa shiteru yo.


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