pleasantly weird ojii-san

This is how i describe pleasant people.

Looks calm and err.. pleasant.
Speaks in a cool and steady tone.
pleasant looking and have certain.. err... 'safe' aura.

ehem! So this is what happened.

While walking back to the 1B car park from a late lunch with Mars, a 'pleasantly' looking old man walked pass us, looked back, stopped, smiled and said hello.
So I hesitantly replied.... err.. "hello!"
He started asking where am I heading to, where am I working now, where I live... all sorta questions as if we knew each other.
Not wanting to be rude, I answered him briefly while trying to excuse myself whenever I can (coz both Marissa and I thought that he was a friend of my parents or something).

The situation then turned out odd when he started asking for my number @_@

"erk... number?? what for?"
"because I want to get to know you :)"
*omg.. wtf??*
Yes.. indeed... the situation now is crystal clear.
He is no one in my family's circle of friends.
"ermm.. >.< ...."
"FARA!! Cepat!" , Marissa gave me a warning tone to walk faster and leave the weird ojii-san alone.
*looked at Marissa with the 'HELP ME' puppy eyes sign*
"err... It's ok.. I don't give my number to someone I don't know... k thx byeeeee"
"Alaaa.. *suddenly transformed to a china man accent* why are you malu. Come laaa... I just want to get to know you"
*NOOO!!!! Get away from me you weird hentai silver-haired ojii-san!!!!*
"Ahaha... it's okaaaaaaay" Walking faster to reach Marissa.
"Don't shy bah... I just want your number and get to know you" still following me from behind.
*kept quiet and walked even faster*
"Ala come on... Don't be shy"
*I'm not shy bah you IDIOT! You're just weirddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!*

As soon as Mars and I reached the car, we quickly locked the door, started up the engine and drove off just to get away from him.

But you know what else is scary and weird?

His car was just behind us!

You know how I knew it was his?



Thank god he drove like a tortoise.

and thank Mars for driving like a rempit super hero.


JUST weirrrrrrddddd >.<" .

Heads up!

I'm still here!

As usual, been keeping up and juggling my 3 babies who cried for deadlines almost everyday, not forgetting being a full time secretary to my boss.

I need vacation =_="
I need TLC!!!!
Surprise me.

Honestly I don't look forward to the month of May coz all my deadlines are in that month.
"It's also a hectic and problematic month with lots of politics" concluded by the oink2 in the feng shui book.

Waking up 'forcefully' early in the morning, work, gym, then work again before going to sleep is my everyday routine nowadays, and I tell u, I'll be dead bored if i'm gonna spend the quarter year of my life doing this repetition again and again without traveling somewhere and have a good time.

I know am struggling *and HAVE* to lose weight but I've been dying to eat Little Italy's Trenette Arrabiata T_T
Little Italy is under construction *that's what i've been told* but are they still operating?
Oh! and I miss secret recipe chicken cordon bleu too...
also CUBE's chocolate cheese cake *blames Dino for making me addicted*
also Kueh Teow Kerang...
Mix Grill at Eddie's Corner...
McD Spicy Fried Chicken...
Keropok Lekor...
Hot Rolls in 1B...
All I'm eating now is freaking grass and shakes!

I seriously hate listening to BB's statement every time he says something like "everybody is trying to lose weight while I'm trying hard to gain weight pula"

Pfft! *Chiap! Chiap! Chiap!*

Anyhow, skip the food...

What I look forward to in May are only 3 things.

7th-9th of May.
Mother's Day.
Trip to Japan.


Am going to Japan buahahahahaha!!

I bought the ticket AND *despite having debts* have some savings for it.

As for mother's day, do remind me to suggest Mei to have CUBE chocolate cheese cake in a heart shape form.
It'll look awesome for mama.

The green tea Swiss roll Serena brought tasted somewhat like the Coffee Bean green tea matcha.
I think I'm gonna have that tomorrow.


What if the dream comes true? o_0"

I have been experiencing great days for the past 2 days.
Had enough sleep.
Woke up early.
Been having proper breakfast.
Arrived 'a bit' earlier to office *heh =P*
and despite the uber slow computer, I managed to multi task like wonder woman and finished my piled up work both office and personal in a very short time. *pats head *

Oh! Oh! I even got my high heel shoe which i ordered online few weeks ago Wheeeeee~~~~

But all those excitement suddenly went down the hill when i received Mel's sms -

"Had a dream in which u climbed up to high spot, and then dropped head first, twice. Do take care"

Owh man...
It's a bad sign man... *Wtf *
Unusually, Mel sometimes have these dream of me falling down from somewhere at least once a year.
I remember receiving one last year and i took it as an account to be more careful *coz it might help u know*
But why can't ppl have a dream of me in some kind of a food land with a lot of 'eat what you want and u wont get fat' signs everywhere =_=
*ergh... i really need to lose weight!!! Babiiiii!!!! *
Anyways, thanks Mel *huggies!*

2 unexpected people buzzed me at the same time today.
*Hrmm~ ironic coincident *
One is still like uncle since fo.eva.
Another is.. oh well. no comment.

Oh! Just got back from Coffee Bean food tasting btw.
Huhu... the new green tea ice blended called 'Red Bean Matcha' is niceeee~~~ *eh.. didn't I say i need to lose weight? :P*
But anyhow, will blog about that later tomorrow... or the day after.

Had a random talk with BB about pregnancy craving on our way home.

"You mean you guys can have this craving anytime?"
"Aha! The time is very unpredictable. And we can even crave for cheesecake in the middle of the night"
"Where to find cheese cake at that hour???"
"Stock lah..."
"Wah la... I know if you're pregnant, I'd have to stock up little italy's tiramisu cake, spaghetti arrabiata, chicken cordon bleu... *thinking of money flying away*"
"*sniggers* that means you have to have lotsa money before AND after i give birth"
"Why so?"
"Coz after gave birth, I need money to go for Marie France ma... one time pregnant, RM8k to invest.. HOHOHOHOHO "

Hahaha. That is of course, will be a story in another few years. heh ~


Hana Yori Dango Rawks!

Korean version that is.

I finally finished watching it like few minutes ago and

*can't this font be any bigger?????*


Korean Version is the best of all Hana Yori Dango series!!!!

*squirrrrmmmmmsssss* <-- can't contain self anymore

I feel pity (again) for Ji Hoo though.
Let's just say I feel pity for all the second main character in ALL versions of Hana Yori Dango. Be it the Taiwanese version, Japanese Version and also Korean Version.
They're so 'perfect' in so many ways, treating the girl SO WELL yet their just too good to be true.

Talking about being too perfect, just look at 'Bree Vandekamp' in Desperate Housewives.
She cooks like a trained culinary art chef, cleans the house like nobody's business, have proper 'my lady' manners, a perfect housewive every man could ever dream of, yet the husband felt no excitement coming from her and the children felt that their mother is a living robot.

But anyhow, YOU MUST WATCH Hana Yori Dango! XD

*click here! HERE*

Once you're done with that, watch Mei Chan no Shitsuji too!


Hehe... don't mind me being excited, I just finished 'some' of my work and need a tv series therapy before i continue other pending works left by Caleb. =P

Learning a thing or two each day to carry on. Yosh!

I have to say that I feel grateful to have my crazy supportive girls around. *hugs*

Good friday is tomorrow and let's say TGIF!

Bohooo... ><" but it wont be a holiday for me. Going to assist Dino Dinosaur for some photoshoot (plus free food) and settling some other stuffs.

But above all, I cant wait for Cube's dessert Night this Saturday XD *sluuuurrrrrp!*

If you haven't noticed, Sabah Trade Centre is having a Manufacturing Sabah 2009, Hotel & Catering 2009 and Food Pack 2009 from today till Sunday (12/4/2009).

Ok. gtg. Going down to splurge on food samples. Tata!

Why do I tend to slip to the past?

I mean, I'm very grateful, happy and love what I have now and I've been knocking my head if not several of times to move forward but why do I tend to slip to the past and cant get over it?

Maybe the fact that he gave me hope, mixed and confusing signals then just vanished out of thin air, leaving me like a fool harbouring these resentments and the endless 'Double-U' questions in my head. I mean COME ON! =_="

Though the memorable sweet memories you gave me is similar to a piece of big apple doughnut with a glass of milk, in the end, it was just a waste of time and you make me feel fat, JERK!


'Beautifully Imperfect'

Got this from Kak Yasmin's blog.

"The little imperfections, that make them perfect for you"

Another brilliant work, and very beautiful indeed.

Happy Weekend!


You have me fooled... NOT!

I'm pretty amazed seeing how my friends trying their best to fool people on April fool.

Well.. I did it myself when I was in high school and got fooled in return as well buuuuut nowadaysss.... hrmm... let's just say I came prepared XD

ESPECIALLY for someone like BB.

"=_= I'm so sleepy", me hugging him and whining as usual
"BB", he said with a serious tone.
"There's something I need to tell you bah"
"What's that?"
"You know I was called back to my office earlier for a sudden meeting right?"
"*yawns* aha..."
"This is the thing.... but I really hope you won't be angry about it"
"What now =_="
"It seems that I have to resign from my job..."
"You dont try to April fool me lar... =_="
"Haiyaaa!!! You no fun!"

LOL! This is not the last of it...there's more!

While other people got April fooled by Lim in the CSP forum, Youtube and everywhere else, I was busy doing my work and rushing deadlines when BB called me to explain something about work.

"So don't forget to make the amendments aight?"
"BB, what's your plan for tonight?"
"Going to gym, then we're suppose to go to Mei's house right?"
"Aiyaaa.... but something came up for tonight"
"and that is?"
"Emm... My dad wanted to meet you bah"
"=_= Don't try to April fool me again laaa"
"Haiyaaaaaaaa!!! Cis! You no Fun! How you know????"
"Coz 'your dad' + 'to meet me' = tidak mungkin"
"Eihhhhhh..... Why tidak mungkin???"
"*change subject*"

LOL. Mission FAIL!

Went to Mei's house for the first time and actually hold and played Wii for the first time *haha.. .so kuno man..*

It was sooooooooooooooooo much fun!!!

I played the bowling game.
I played the guitar hero.
I played the drum.
Jacq, Tracy and I formed our own 'band' and whacked the boys big time till they gave up and went to play poker instead. XD

But the best among all is the boxing game.

It really made me sweat @_@

Seeing Jacq and WC punching air to each other was so funny, which I laughed so hard till my wisdom tooth hit the gum *ouch!*

*rolls on the floor*

"I want WII! I want WII! I want WII!"




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