Happy birthday Serena!

I hate running nose.
Hate it hate it hate it.
This week is really taking its toll on me.
And now I'm beginning to have sore throat, flu and cough.
Hopefully I wont make so much noise during JazzyJas Black & White theater play tonight.

My corporate/promotional video project is almost done.
Colour correction is such a headache, and I don't want to have the client throwing their words back at me for not using the almost hundred thousand super XDCAM camera for such a small budget.
(What are they thinking?) *pfft
Thank goodness the client is still outstation, and I have this weekend to fix whatever shits left.

Serena's bday is tomorrow.
We had a small 2 in 1 celebration at Manhattan Fish Market just now; first, to thank my team for working hard for the video project + Serena's bday.
I must say Manhattan Fish Market branch in KK sucks big time.
Everything is just so bland =_=

The Birthday Girl

Alvin & Clifton

Rina & Lai

Manhattan Catch of the day (which has always been the dori fish)

Manhattan Fish & Chips

Sweet Alabama

For her bday present, Mars, Rina, Alvin, Lai, Clif2, Razz and I bought her Incanto Bliss perfume from Salvatore Ferragamo line.
I had to fool her that I'm buying it for my mom, which I did, (but a different one than hers) and asked for her opinion on the smell.
Since she suddenly mentioned that Salvatore Ferragamo is one of her favourite perfume, it made my life so much easier XD

Me, starting the Birthday song

Group photo!

Anyways, gotta go back to work now.
Have a nice TGIF and weekend guys.
and Happy Birthday Serena. *hugs*

PS: In the mean time, enjoy watching Serena squealing in this video ;)


2 Responses to "Happy birthday Serena!"

maslight said... January 29, 2010 at 11:23 PM

Happy birthday serena! ;)

Cath J said... January 30, 2010 at 2:09 PM

Oh my... I hate running nose too... having it at the moment.. urghhh..

hope you get well soon.. ^_^


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