I must clutch and not choke ><"

As what Char'Lim' wrote in his blog, in a high pressure situation, one can either choke or clutch.

The project, which I'm currently working on right now is putting my carrier on the line. It's even scarier than organising an event!

Some of the factors that been pulling my hair right now are:

1) Client is being VERY difficult / have little hope that the idea would work + KEDEKUT (so what's new?)

2) Team member lacking self motivation and need constant reminder and supervision. People been telling me that I need to delegate and put a trust on other people to do the work coz that's what team work suppose to mean. But when I did, it all went hardwired!!! Not only did it waste their time and MY time, they are putting MY carrier on the line. For once, I'm asking myself, WHEN can they be serious and enthusiastic to make something work????!!!! I'm so pissed!

3) The weather is not helping. My video shoot is suppose to start tomorrow + the whole next week, and according to the weather forecast, it's gonna continue RAINING and THUNDERSTORM till next week!!!! What turf???!!!

4) They say that the client might be considerate considering that the awful weather is beyond my control. Easier said than done right? But get this, any delay in the production work will result in spending extra to rent the equipment again! And we don’t have extra budget for it! Want me to ask the client to give more money? Hell no they wont. Want me to ask finance to spend some more? All they want is untung untung untung. I'm sick of it! So many procedures to everything! I wish all that money in the end belongs to me for my hard work!

5) The kids!! THE KIDS!!!! It's so hard to direct kids! Even the voice over recording just now made me wanna cry. How can I prove to the client that our local kid can be as great as those in KL???? And that is only for voice over recording. I can't imagine how it would be like for real video shooting/acting.

6) Worst, I only have 5 weeks to complete EVERYTHING. Printing for 5000 packaging itself need longer time, and duplicating the DVDs also need about 1 week plus! Everything is bloody rush right now!

7) I've so many things to say, but it cramped up my brain right now. I'm gonna put it as 'to be continued' + 'if you're interested' =_="

This is even worse than organising Hobbycon and making my own Hari Keluarga advert (which I scout talent, video shoot, edit, manage and presented all by myself ok. Pls)

God, please help me. T_T I'm feeling such a heavy burden on my shoulder right now. What if I fail??? What if they reject the advertisement and don’t want to pay the company I'm working with??? Who’s gonna pay the cost spent??? I'll be so screwed, embarrassed and ashamed myself T____T

In my mind right now, there is 99% I’ll flunk in this project, and 1% chance of succeeding. *oh please please please please please* Make that 1% be a reality T___T .

I must clutch and not choke at this moment.


2 Responses to "I must clutch and not choke ><""

TS Lim said... January 17, 2010 at 1:26 AM

Seeing you have a track record of clutching, you should calm down and just focus on the task at hand. Good luck.

Btw, this Charlim guy seems pretty smart.

Cath J said... January 17, 2010 at 9:35 AM

Oh my.. a very heavy responsibility in your hands... you got to make all work girl... ^_^

Take deep breath ya... all the best..


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