Feel soooo good to be back at work!

After 10 days of holiday, I feel my brain is rotting!

Hello cluttered desk,
Hello unfinished assignment,
and helllllllllo slow-paying client!
I'm baaaaaack~~~

Other than good flow of morning traffic and punctual attendance for the first 2 working days, the 1st week of 2010 seems just like any other day.
If my calculation is right, this week is suppose to be my PMS week.
Instead of feeling bloated and overly angry to little things,
surprisingly i feel energetic, lively and more loving muehehehe XD

Am in the middle of translating my proposed advertisement script from English to Bahasa Malaysia.

Good gosh! @_@

What is happening to my once-upon-a-time superb Bahasa Malaysia????

Imagine translating, "Hi! My name's Mia ... Sister Sarah just got accepted into her favourite University, University XYZ. And we're all here to accompany her for her registration!"

to, "Hi! Nama saya Mia Kak Sarah telah berjaya memasuki Universiti kegemarannya, Universiti XYZ. Dan hari ni, kami semua pergi ke UMS untuk menemaninya"

what turf.... @_@

Some say I'm just paranoid coz it sounded ok when put into a real 8-years-old kid conversation.

Really? XD

Well try translating this to Bahasa Malaysia:

Sarah got a nice room overlooking the campus! Her room is spacious and comfy, and she told me she plans to decorate her room in PINK! I want to have a pink room too when it's my turn to go XYZ next time! Hummph! I want pink bedsheets, pink pillow, pink curtains, pink mirror..... (fades away)...

*wow... try looking at your expression in the mirror* XD

So yeah..

THAT's what I'm doing now.

Few minutes later, my sister stepped in to help...

o.m.g.... she's BLOODY GOOD!!!!!!!

I'm so ashamed of my rotten Bahasa Malaysia HAHAHAHHAHAHA!

Thanks Cici!!!!


I received yet another opportunity from someone I respect, but only time will tell.

I wont be all excited about it coz i notice i always jinx the good things when i announce all out.

Happy new year and Happy working guys!


4 Responses to "Feel soooo good to be back at work!"

maslight said... January 5, 2010 at 10:32 PM

fara the workaholic. Oi more pamper time woi this year.

Cath J said... January 6, 2010 at 12:50 PM

great your holiday refresh you in work.. means you really having a good holiday... ^_^

Maggie said... January 7, 2010 at 10:19 AM

haha u just traslated ur University XYZ to UMS in your malay translation...

Aya said... January 8, 2010 at 8:39 AM

Maslight> I would if I could XD

Cath J> It definitely did. But as Mas said, am a workaholic by nature. Hahahaha!

Maggie> Woopsie! Haha! Stay tune for the actual video. *panic mode*


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