Finally, a decade in a millennium :)

I heard a lot about how 2009 been treating to a lot of people.
Yes, it's a bitch for some and heaven to others.
But life is like that, no? :)
There's up and there's down.

If you're kind enough to ask, 2009 was average for me.

No matter how shitty the processes in between, I accepted the challenge and didn't regret any single one of it.

Not only it made me have a good sense of my strength and weaknesses, I also learn to accept myself just as I am.

And for that, I wouldn't forget those who guided, supported and endured it with me; to make me become a better and wiser individual :)

In 2009,

On professional level,

*Silverhand is born
*I got promoted and currently head a multimedia department
*Organised Hobbycon 2009 & other events
*Involved in local and international events with renowned and talented people
*Made a video commercial and another in the process
*Established a lot of connections

On personal level,

*On duty together with BB on Sabah Vfm Radio (BB also won the champion for Sabah vfm guest dj competition)
*Had my first jalan-jalan trip with BB and met BB's mom
*Celebrated Christmas 2009 with BB's family
*Paid ALL my credit card debts
*Finally got into yoga (which I never had patient for before)
*Stand up to ridiculous, unreasonable, stubborn, tak sedar diri and susah mau diajar people (Hey, I'm EXTREMELY nice and VERY FRIENDLY person to be friend/work with, but unfortunately they messed with the wrong lady ^__^)

and lots more!!! *I can't recall and not all are recorded in this blog* XD

So you see, if you note down the good list that had happened to you, you might consider twice about bitching all the bad things ;)

The experiences above may not be a wow factor to people, but it meant a lot to me :) And it all happened with the will of god :)

I believe in this world and society, there are some people out there who work very hard to make things happen, while some other just moving their mouth, sulk and being plain E.M.O about everything and anything.

Word of advice that I heard just now was, "go suicide kalau inda tahan about life"

So? Do view life optimistically no matter what.

Else, refer to the quote above. Haha.
But after all that happened, I'd surely going to miss the talented people that had passed away in 2009.

*Arwah Yasmin Ahmad

and most importantly,

My Grandpa :)


It's 3 minutes to 2010.

I have a feeling that 2010 is gonna be a great and exciting year.

Good luck and Happy new year everyoneeeeee!!!!!!!!!


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