Christmas 2009

When I was little, I 'half' believe in Santa Clause.
Saying 'half' means, during the night before Christmas, I would go to my window, looking at the bright moon, hoping and wondering if I will see Santa and his flying sleigh throwing presents down the chimney.
But on second half, deep down, I know clearly that that will not happen. *Plus, we don't have chimney here!*

As you would have known, my family dont celebrate christmas.
But I thank god my parents are not the type who would go and spoil my childhood imagination just because we're Muslim :)
We, or at least I take Christmas as a time to exchange gift and making others happy with presents.
Kinda like thanksgiving :)
What makes it better is that, my birthday is just right next to it! and I sometimes got 2 presents! XD

Last year's Christmas was my first time celebrating it with BB.
We exchanged gift, and I received big Sotong-Chan plushy, followed by it's comrade the next day on my Birthday from Lim and the gang.

This year it's different.
This time, I celebrate it with BB AND his family :)


Although I meet them almost every week, I felt a bit nervous having a proper dinner with the Lee family.
But it all went really well ^_^ BB's dad is a sporting guy, and they made me feel like I'm apart of their family :)

Remember what BB want for his Christmas present?
No, I didnt get him FF13.
That gotta wait coz the english version is not out yet.
Instead, he got this :)


2 Adidas Tshirt, 2 matched socks and the best present of all, PS3 TEKKEN 6 and ASSASSIN CREED 2 GAME!!!! XD

I'm loving his expression as he discovered it ^_^
He was baffled on where I got it at a very short period of time + cheaper.
Which I gotta thank Chinyit for recommending and giving me tips on how to get it.
*wont deny the drama that came along with it*

For my present, BB got me a black Adidas jacket and am loving every bits of it!

BB's dad got a Tshirt and his favourite home movies, KC got a new wallet and grandma on the other hand got a brand new hand bag and a pashmina :)

BB's dad also gave me a box of Chocolate for my birthday XD and when BB called his Mom in Seremban, even she wishes me Happy Birthday!!!
I know I sound like I'm over reacting, but it felt really great when people treat you as part of the family AND actually remember your birthday :)


After we finished with dinner, BB, KC and I went to continue our Christmas celebration by visiting Mei at CUBE.

I couldnt eat much there coz I was so full from eating the roast lamb at BB's place. Instead, I munched on the cup cake and Kasturi Juice :)

Look! Mei took a photo of us with her new polaroid camera that she got from Japan!

It was very exciting to see the polaroid coming out from the camera and waiting for the image to appear XD *Rule 32: Enjoy the little things*

Thank you Mei!


Our last stop would be at Robin's place.

There, my tummy screamed for surrender. I couldnt even drink water ><"

After spending the whole morning hunting for presents, *watch 'Muallaf' movie in between* and 3 stops of dinner, all I want is to go back, kiss my pillow and sleep :)

But as I tried to close my eyes, the clock striked 12am, and Nadia barged into my room, switched on the light *ouch, my eyes* and screamed Happy Birthday!!!!

What happened next?

My mom, my 2 monkeys and I started to sing and dance in the room like nobody's business XD

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to me!

Will update my birthday post next.

BB's gonna be here soon and I in need of shower! Tata!


2 Responses to "Christmas 2009"

J u l i a 。.゜✿ said... December 27, 2009 at 6:54 PM

aya using fuji instax mini eh ?
i love polaroid !
kakju suka collect lomo & polaroid cameras.

merry xmas julian !

maslight said... December 27, 2009 at 7:08 PM

oh waw, adidas sumua @_@

anyways, LOL at sotong's dad photo ;)


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