Why does it have to be car topic?

It happened to most Bruneian / Labuan friends I chat with.
Whyyyyyy? =___=
I looove sportish looking car, especially the Boxster, 911, Cayman, FairLady and Rx8 in White or Red.
I heart looking at them whenever I went to car show with my ex few years back.
I loooove to have them in my garage.
But I too know it'll take years of my pay check to even get one =_=

Izan gonna get the Cayene GTS soon AND modify it after that.
Doesn't he save his money??? Doesn't he has a future to think of??

"what do u mean my future?"
"modify makes ur car look more beautiful"
"just like u ladies..u put on make up, u look pretty rite, so same goes to cars"
"but making ourselves pretty doesn't cost millions like your car! =__="

Note to self:
Must ignore car topic when I chat with these people.

Making me stress for owning piper, the kancil.

*I still love you Piper*


1 Response to "Why does it have to be car topic?"

Cath J said... December 15, 2009 at 4:25 PM

Piper.. cute! ^_^


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