1 more day to my long holiday ^^

and the office felt so quiet coz most people are already on leave.
*that's a good news for me nyahahahaha!*

This Friday will be the second Christmas celebration between BB and I.
He asked kinda hinted for PS3 Final Fantasy xiii game for our gift exchange.
Being not-so gamer myself, i thought it only cost RM100+
But RM350??? *wth*
and it's not even english version!
Sorry B, I bought your present already haha!
*pats BB's head*

To keep myself discipline *and yes, i hope this action doesn't jinx it*, I put a new
'Road to PTPTN freedom'
gadget at the bottom right of this blog.

I seriously don't want to be paying PTPTN till I'm 30 years old, so i decided to pay it big and fast a.s.a.p now that I don't have any credit card bill to pay XD

So wish me luck!


1 Response to "1 more day to my long holiday ^^"

maslight said... December 23, 2009 at 5:54 PM

wth mahalnya tu game..I could get an exclusive nendoroid man...or maybe a 50mm lens?


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