Read till the end, or you'll be fooled

Sabah & Sarawak to be relocated

Click above to read, and READ till the end.

It got me LMAO reading it especially the Two Guinness World Records and the Value for Money part.

Haha. What are they thinking...McDonald?

Sigh.. it was a very good laugh.

It got me and the girls laughing and imagining the impossible.

Even if there IS a Superman lifting both Sabah/Sarawak, I would rather move to other countries than joining with the peninsular side.
Don't get me wrong.
Why would you want to waste RM850 TRILLION and 10 years to do it?
Why dont feed the hunger and help those and everything else that need it most?
Why don't they improve what is there infront of our eyes?

Just look at the Sabah map in the article.
It's been rotated and facing down after SO many years facing side ways proudly.
Baik-baik labuan nearer to Peninsula, now it will become the furthest =_=




1 Response to "Read till the end, or you'll be fooled"

Amy C said... December 16, 2009 at 11:53 AM

dis is sis shown me dis can they cut sarawak n sabah n paste it with peninsular?.... doh!


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