Sometimes I thought... "why bother?"

When my 'ba zi' says something about me always working hard, but the money will just run away from me / to someone else / benefit other people and leaving me to carry the burden, sometimes I selfishly thought.. why do I even bother working hard?


Clearly I'm not the only human being in this world thinking that way, no?

I'm pretty sure most parents think about that everyday while their children partying outside and not giving them any sense of appreciation.

Mom used to say, "if you have a mole on your shoulder, it means you're carrying other people's burden"
*And she said that while showing me one on hers*
"Oh wow ma... guess what? I have TWO on the left. How?"

So you see... As much as I always think positive and not letting myself be all paranoid with the ba zi, mole reading, feng shui or w.h.a.t.e.v.e.r... at times, these things do get to me.

ESPECIALLY when you work your ass off day and night to earn money, other people got it easy, and yours just dropped and disappeared out of thin air.


PS: I'm currently having a really bad and super busy week. Client is being a total ridiculous bitch.


Just a quick note for memory sake, and this is the most unromantic post ever.

BB and I turned 2 last Saturday.



2 Responses to "Sometimes I thought... "why bother?""

Cath J said... January 14, 2010 at 12:03 AM

wow.. thats long romantic years... ^_^ ... congrats...

maslight said... January 14, 2010 at 11:27 AM

*sigh, I try not to get that whole mole idea to get to me but i also have on my shoulder *sigh. And read about it being a burden before *sigh.


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