So he officially kneel down and propose :)

Don't squeal yet~! =D

I need to start from A before jumping to Z aren't i? :P

Ok.. *clears throat*
it all happened few minutes before my birthday.
YES, my birthday was yesterday (26th Dec), HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! XD *clap*clap*clap*

During the last hour of Christmas, i was out doing some shopping with Julian while waiting for our Christmas supper with his 'dad'.

Notice the inverted comma on the word 'dad'? :P

Well, with Julian's nonstop texting activity, it's hard not to notice that he was plotting a birthday surprise for me :P
Believe me, i myself hate to spoil my own surprise... and i tried my hardest to drop every single expectation i could think of weeks before my birthday.
But the answer was just THERE even during our trip in Seremban last week XD *hehe sorry BB.. i wont go into details*
Point is.. I KNOW :P
Plus, the 'meeting with dad for supper' was suppose to be at 9pm.
The time was almost 9.30pm and Julian's not the type to keep his dad waiting.

"Are you sure we're meeting your dad?~~~" I asked innocently
"Yes sayang"
"ok~ :)"

While we were in the car, i said it again..
"Are you sure we're meeting your dad~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"
"Yeeeessss Sayanggggg~~~ Why do you keep asking me that??"
"Nothing~ :P I thought you don't like to keep your dad waiting >:)"
"That's why la I'm driving fast now.."
*starting to put on make up*
"Why are you putting on your make up????"
"Just in case~~~ *smirks* >:)"
"why la you.. there's no surprise party sayang~~~"
*Ting Tong~*
"Wokay~~~~ ^_^" *continues putting on make up*
"Should I change my clothes?"
"What for.... you ok dy~~~"
"Presentation~ ^_^", i answered lightly

Julian a.k.a in Hot seat.


But it was fun teasing him =D

So as you might have expected, there WAS indeed an early birthday surprise party.
I don't care whether i knew it or not...
it was those who came and shared my bday celebration (during Christmas celebration some more) that matters :)
For that, I thank you EVERYONE for coming ^_^
It truly meant a lot to have great friends around especially those who involved in organising it (Hugs BB, Marsieee and my siblings)

(Photo from Massy!)

(Photo from Massy!)
(Photo from Massy!)
So where is the proposal????

Sabar kau....
This is the fun part :)

To be honest, being realistic, there's no point of doing a proposal when you know where the relationship is going and what you want at the end of it right?
We both basically planned the engagement, picked auspicious date for both engagement and wedding ceremony, spoke to our parents and yeah... that's it.
So i thought..
"is that it? Is that all to it?"
No dream proposal?
No surprise ring?
This is the part where i don't favour my malay culture.

So after throwing my hope out of the window, BB and I continue to shop for our engagement necessities including my engagement ring.
I didn't want to blow his budget, so I eyed for a pretty descent one.. until i saw the sparkling Hearts on Fire diamond.
*bedazzled* ...their 'World Most Perfectly Cut Diamond' is not merely a branding hu-ha after all.
I compared, tested and sewaktu dengannya.
I loved it.. but I thought.. We seriously can't afford it :(
But what surprised me next was that Julian actually went for it O_o"

I was happy.. YES...
Grateful? Absolutely!
But i really didn't know how to react when the ring was bought!!!
(what's wrong with me?? =_=")
After walking out from the shop, I digested the fact that despite the wedding cost that will soon bombard Julian's account, he still bought the expensive WEDDING ring coz he knew i liked it...
Furthermore, it finally snap me back to reality that I am actually gonna cross THE bridge of married life soon..
to my surprise, the thought made me all teared up, overwhelmed with happiness.
I love him more and more :)

Then suddenly, BB told me he wanted to keep the ring.
Takkan he want to sell it back XD
No no no... can't be...
I screamed in my heart "I'm gonna get a proposal!!!!"

Now back to the early birthday party...

Knowing him... and BEING ME...i thought there was gonna be a 'double surprise'.
I waited... waited... Aik...?? None.
Okay... maybe not tonight... :(

So after we finished with my early bday party, we then proceed to Boutique Cupcakes at around 11pm for another Christmas gift exchange party.
As my friend, Mei, appointed me to become Julian's secret santa, i sneaked my Christmas gift for him (which we bought together earlier) inside my bag :P *luckily Parkson has gift wrapping service muahahaha*

There, Mei called out all names and gave out each and everyone's present from their secret Santa... except me.
I almost felt so embarrassed coz everybody was looking at me..

With a concern face, Julian asked Mei... "How about Fara?"
Mei got surprised..
"Didn't you get my sms???" she quickly asked Julian
"What Sms???"
"Omg!!! I told you to buy present for her.. You're suppose to be her secret santa!!!
You didn't receive meh???"

"No...~~~?" He said while standing behind me

*Oh-oh~~~ <-- i thought*

"You didn't??"
Mei asked again, panic

"No...~~~" He repeated again

*sobs... <-- starting to feel stupid* Then suddenly people starting to go.. "Ei??? Uuuuuuuuuuu~~~~.. Aaaaaaahhh~~~~"

Curious, i turned back..

And there he was...
Standing with my Hearts on Fire ring opened for everyone to see.
I was slightly shy and speechless :)

He knelt down, looked at me and say "Will you marry me?"

with 'I dont know what the hell to feel' expression on my face, I said "yes" :)

What made it funny was when everybody else mimicking my YES~~~ lol.

Omg! Hahaha...
I never imagine myself saying the line 'He knelt down, looked at me and say "will you marry me"
So corny man!!! HAHAHA!
But it felt bloody great to receive an official proposal.

Fiuh~ And so... that, was my wedding proposal story...
sweet and simple, with a touch of Julian's unique recipe :)

As much as I wanted to wear the ring immediately, we were advised to keep it for our official engagement ceremony (happening in 2 weeks time).

So wish us luck everyone!!! :)



PS: I would also like to say Thank you to all friends, acquaintances and whoever wished me via sms, bombarded my facebook wall with thoughtful wishes, online cards and traditional bday cards. I was very very very happy to receive every single one of them :)

To Mama and Papa, thank you for the Iphone 4. Muahahahaha!!! Coolest gift everrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! XD

To Phil and Leena for the Birthday lunch treat at Party Play. The Seafood Pizza was yummy!

Oh! And not forgetting sweet dinner and cake from my ever loving family.

Happy Birthday to me!!!! XD Can't wait for the official engagement ceremony!!!! =D *doki doki*

Santa wish list

Dear Santa,

I've been a bad bad girllll ><" I haven't been updating my blog for so longgggg. I was caught up with Hobbycon, office work and dot dot dot... Sorryyyyy ><" Here's an express update, which I WILL blog about it no matter how basi the story will be =D
  • I got back from Manila last week. It was an awesome trip filled with lots of shopping!!! =D
  • Organised and Emceed for Hobbycon 2010 for the last 2 days.. it was another success and I appreciate everyone who came and supported Julian and I. Please give them present too...
  • Preparing and perfecting Shinee Ring Ding Dong dance with my colleagues for the upcoming company annual dinner this coming Wednesday. Please don't let me fall off the stage...
  • Finishing up my work to go to Comic Fiesta, KL and visiting Julian's mom.
  • Big event coming up, which i can only announce in 2 weeks time.
  • My lil sis Nadia and Papa's bday was on the 3rd and 10th dec. Small celebration this year, but with big love ^_^

Oh Santa,

... my birthday is coming up soon =P

I never asked for it... but since you insisted, oh well.. here goes =D

I want
- Iphone 4 (i need smartphone desperately. HTC has been taken away from me *sobs*)
- Ipad
- New laptop (Ms. Ferrari died... i feel so cacat with no laptop T_T)
- Trip to Japan
- Money and lots of them (I want to invest them)
- Anything PRACTICAL
- Things that will make me happy (you know...)

I don't want
- Decorative item (please.. i beg you no..)
- Things that will collect dust (seriously.. my room is already like kapal layar diserang ribut)

Thank you Santa.

You're the most handsome man in North Pole!

Ok, lemme finish my Derric Chew's assignment's first.

Am running out of time ><" Da~
Discover Steps to Financial Freedom part time!

Manila here i come!!!

Yup! Am going to manila today! Yahoooo!!!
Our initial plan to Jakarta got canceled coz my mom got a bit paranoid over the gunung berapi there.
Next we changed to Hong Kong, then my dad got paranoid over the bird flu announcement.
In the end, we decided to go to Manila, Philippines instead =D
It's good, it's all good!
I can't wait for my shopping spreeeeee!!!! Wohoo!

Aaaaanyways~~~~ November is ending in 4 days!!!!
Sorry for the late of updates.
I have sooooo many things to do!
Work has been thrown at me like bullets being spit out of a machine gun @_@
And I have Derric Chew's assignment to finish before his next mentoring session *sobs*
Another 'excuse' for my absent is to be blamed on Marissa.
She asked me to catch up all the Gossip girl and anime series she fed me like months ago =D
So my nights are all spent on gym, paktoh and tv series (no work please).

If you're a Sabahan Bloggers who follows the Sabahan Bloggers Gathering group in FB, I'm pretty sure you received my blast email before recommending Derric Chew's preview talk on his Online Marketing Bootcamp.
I heard few didn't turn up last minute or simply walked off after hearing the mambo jumbo marketing technique during the preview.
Guys, believe me, I KNOW how you feel.
But despite all the Ferrari talk we heard during the preview, I signed up to his course and learned A LOT.
Best part is, his mentoring session is for a life time.
Think of it as having a coach even after your finished your course.
He will guide and consult what you wanted to do, or whether what you're doing/ planning on doing is in the right direction.
But talk is cheap.
You gotta try it for yourself.
If you want to know how much, you can PM me anytime.

For those of you who is interested in his free preview talk for his January 2011 intake, you can go for his last preview for 2010 in December.

The next pre-view will be on:

9th December 2010
2pm - 5pm OR 7pm - 10pm

Best Western Kinabalu Daya Hotel

Should you be interested, kindly email me your NAME, PHONE NUMBER, TIME SLOT PREFERRED and HOW MANY PEOPLE by 5th December 2010.

After I went to his course, i can't help but imagine the income i might get if I pulled this off.
But of course, you don't count your chickens before they hatched.
Hence, I gotta work hard, smart and creatively to set myself different..
at least fight in the small pond for a start *heh :P*

For those who are making lots of money from internet already, good for you.
At least now you have lots of money to play around or better, keep track of all your income with the free online budge worksheet rather than keeping them in your computer or in many accounts.
At least it'll keep things organised.
I found this home budget software from


I know it's late, but here are few photo from Rum's bday.
We held it in Little Kitchen Restaurant.

We had a buffet of Chicken boxing, giant meatball, 3 types of pizzas, fettucini pasta, ice cream and free flow of ice lemon tea for RM35nett per person only.

Adrian came late.
So we dumped all the food on one plate and reserved for him for later =D

For Rum's bday this year, Herman suggested interesting birthday cake for him.

Happy boobday Rum!
Lol. I love the boob cake we presented him.
We got the boob cake from 1 bakery in Lintas.

Since it is such a masterpiece, we made rum to lick it sexily hahaha!

The cut boobs looked... scary...
In another angle.. it looks like slice pork.. aa.. char siu was it? =D

All in all we had fun.
We karaoke, ate, karaoke again and stuffed more food till our tummy screamed NOOO~!!!

Hope you had a great time Rummy mummy!

Happy Boob-Day!!! =D

Discover Steps to Financial Freedom part time!

Hobbycon 2010 is less than a month!!! Pre-order tshirt now!

It's less than a month and hobbycon is nearing!!!
Panic mode on.
Though Julian and I have things under control so far, there are still minor things that have yet to be settled.
But we're grateful that all things are more organised, unlike the previous year.

Due to tight schedule, we might not be able to cosplay during MCing.
Instead, this year, we are trying to promote more on Hobbycon as a brand by wearing Hobbycon 2010 Tshirt!

We are now open for pre-order, with the size of S, M, L and XL at RM40/tshirt.
To order, please call 0168477896.

In the future, we are looking forward to more funny.. or better, funniest t-shirts design to celebrate next 5th Hobbycon event. *pray, pray, pray*


Oh! I went for a course to learn more about Internet Marketing.
Derric Chew showed some of his student's website example and one of them is selling merchandise and posters online.
It was more towards movie theme though...
I might suggest him to add more Cafepress posters.
Who knows it might boost his sales.

I learned and refreshed lots of internet marketing skills in Derric Chew's class.
I hope to learn more soon.

PS: During his class, Julian says the nicest thing to me which made me feel tad surprise and I smiled from end to end for a long period of time ^_^


Boutique Cupcakes has come out with a new high tea set for weekdays :)

High Tea set @ RM13.50 which consist of 2 cupcakes of your choice and 1 pot of imported tea of your choice, Mon-Fri, 3pm - 5pm only.

Lots of customer asked them to push the promotion till weekend,
but unfortunately there are limited seats around for the time being.
Hence, it might get too busy/crowded.

Oh! Do wait for their thick and creamy hot chocolate drink soon!

Boutique Cupcakes is also coming up with few sets of Christmas design next week.
Best is, you can pre-order them a month in advance and collect it within 23rd-25th December 2010 for your family/friend Christmas celebration!
We'll also be having Christmas gift exchange among the boutique cupcakes team.
Gotta think of Christmas gift ideas fast!

Aight..another busy day tomorrow~!
Gotta call it a night now.

Discover Steps to Financial Freedom part time!

What a fattening day =O

December is not even here yet, but Starbucks has once again come out with their famous Toffee Nut Frappuccino! *yey!*
After gorging myself with McD Spicy Chicken *oh~ how i longed for it*, the girls and I headed to Starbucks and I got my drinks only for RM3.65 =D
Before you go huh? and Hah?, I actually got RM10 discount with the RM10 Starbucks voucher given by Marissa hihihi ^_^ *tq anata!*

Phil's bday was yesterday.
It was the first time we celebrated it together and I got her a box of cupcakes from Boutique Cupcakes as her bday cake.

A month ago, on the night of 9th October 2010, I confidently wished her Happy Birthday.
To my surprise.. i got the date wrong :P
She said, "hehe.. my bday is on the 10th"
Then the next day, i again, confidently said "hah! now i got the date right! Happy birthday!!!"
And she replied "no dear... still wrong.. my bday is 10th.. but in November"
=___= """ sooo kuyak!
And finally yesterday, i wished her again =P

Note to self: must note down every single bday in a book. brain is getting older.

Since it is mid November already, my department is getting busier and busier everyday.
From clients project, to the FOC stuff other departments asked us to do,
my staff is running here and there taking photos and videos just like a headless chicken.

Alvin had been staying up late trying to finish his animation work;
and when he got in the office the next day,
he'll continue to fill up his sleep quota in the office.
and sometimes, with mouth open ><"

Don't believe me?
Here's a proof =D

Yes Alvin... anything can happen in a short span of 10 minute.
*nasib kau ada boss yang sporting*
Don't worry.. he approved me in publishing this photo.
Reason is... even tho he was sleeping.. he can still maintain his la-la liang chai pose =D
(aha... wait till i take a photo of u sleeping with mouth open) XD

Oh! One of our colleague, Razz just got married 2 weeks ago.
He held a KK reception dinner last Friday at Pan Pac and it was a very relaxing dinner I must say.

*oh Hello Mark!*

I forced Julian to eat broccoli (he hates green, just so u know).
To stop me, he made his pedo-smile @_@

LOL! *xoxo*

Anyways, Mei presented me a professional feng shui reading last week ^_^
Will update you on that once i'm done with all of my events, work and traveling first.
What travel?

YES! Am going to Jakarta again soon!!!!


Discover Steps to Financial Freedom part time!


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