Hobbycon 2010 is less than a month!!! Pre-order tshirt now!

It's less than a month and hobbycon is nearing!!!
Panic mode on.
Though Julian and I have things under control so far, there are still minor things that have yet to be settled.
But we're grateful that all things are more organised, unlike the previous year.

Due to tight schedule, we might not be able to cosplay during MCing.
Instead, this year, we are trying to promote more on Hobbycon as a brand by wearing Hobbycon 2010 Tshirt!

We are now open for pre-order, with the size of S, M, L and XL at RM40/tshirt.
To order, please call 0168477896.

In the future, we are looking forward to more funny.. or better, funniest t-shirts design to celebrate next 5th Hobbycon event. *pray, pray, pray*


Oh! I went for a course to learn more about Internet Marketing.
Derric Chew showed some of his student's website example and one of them is selling merchandise and posters online.
It was more towards movie theme though...
I might suggest him to add more Cafepress posters.
Who knows it might boost his sales.

I learned and refreshed lots of internet marketing skills in Derric Chew's class.
I hope to learn more soon.

PS: During his class, Julian says the nicest thing to me which made me feel tad surprise and I smiled from end to end for a long period of time ^_^


Boutique Cupcakes has come out with a new high tea set for weekdays :)

High Tea set @ RM13.50 which consist of 2 cupcakes of your choice and 1 pot of imported tea of your choice, Mon-Fri, 3pm - 5pm only.

Lots of customer asked them to push the promotion till weekend,
but unfortunately there are limited seats around for the time being.
Hence, it might get too busy/crowded.

Oh! Do wait for their thick and creamy hot chocolate drink soon!

Boutique Cupcakes is also coming up with few sets of Christmas design next week.
Best is, you can pre-order them a month in advance and collect it within 23rd-25th December 2010 for your family/friend Christmas celebration!
We'll also be having Christmas gift exchange among the boutique cupcakes team.
Gotta think of Christmas gift ideas fast!

Aight..another busy day tomorrow~!
Gotta call it a night now.

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1 Response to "Hobbycon 2010 is less than a month!!! Pre-order tshirt now!"

Mas Light said... November 13, 2010 at 8:55 AM

I would want a body fitting shirt XD


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