Hello November! - Halloween 2010

October is finally over,
and in 2 months time, we'll be saying goodbye to 2010.
As usual, am thinking of changing my blog to a new layout.
Hopefully by then, i can reap something out of this blog while still blogging as usual.


Anyways, my detox plan for last week was epic fail.
There were so many events to go to and I can hardly contain myself!
But I didn't eat so much laa.. so no worries XD

One of the lunch invitation I went to was to Angus Mama,
a new western cafe located in Karamunsing phase 2.

The interior was very classy and gave a hint of homey feeling.

Upon ordering, you'll be served with potato chips cracker.
Being a junk food lover, I would say it's yummy :P

Here are the food that we ordered:

First up, grilled black pepper chicken, RM16.50

You can also order with cheese:

If you are a fried chicken chop lover, you can also get them at RM16.50

The Fried chicken chop was A-ok.
But according to Rina, the grilled chicken chop was nice.
The sauce is comparable to Upperstar restaurant, but Upperstar served it at lower price.

Next came the Fish and Chips, RM13

I didn't get to try this, but i think it's ok.
The batter was thin and the fish meat was quite thick.
So for RM13, it's worth the try.

The King of Clubs (RM10) is worth the try as well.
I'm gonna try this next time :)

Last but not least, the dish that I ordered...

AMG chick sandwich - RM8.
It's a stir-fried chicken breast burger served with chips.
The taste is not bad, but it's nothing to shout about.
The dish doesn't make me full,
but if you're on a diet, just eat half the bun and fries.

Overall - 3/5.


Last Saturday, Mei, Hung2 and I went to Wisma Wanita and open up Boutique Cupcakes booth to support the Kinabalu Pink Ribbon Health Seminar.
Though most of the customers were a bit shy looking at all the boobies design, we still manage to sell all 30 boxes of 6 at the end of the day, and we thank all that came and supported us.

Boutique Cupcakes was also busy preparing for its Halloween party yesterday.
While my last Halloween was spent at Sabah Bloggers Gathering 2009 at Imperial Hotel, this time it's at Boutique Cupcakes outlet ^_^

Here we are, during the preparation for last night's party...

Muahaha... looks real kan?
This finger biscuit was baked by Edy.
I called one of our customer's kid and asked him to hold out his hand for trick or treat.
There's no word to describe his expression when i gave him this finger hua hua hua *evil*

Here's the Halloween party at Boutique Cupcakes...

Yeah... I'm back being the she-devil muehehehe~

And cupido too..
the viking devil =D

Mei on the other hand is a happy 'just-engaged' magenta devil XD
See the middle finger? uhuuuu~~~~~

See this girl?
Her name is Noor and she's one of the member in the baking team.
Coz of what she did last night, Noor has become famous instantly lol!

Hahahaha see what i mean?

Oh! One of my favourite pic of the night was this...

Hahaha!!! FORK you!!!
This is so obscene...

and last but not least... of course... the group picture :)

I stayed till 11pm chatting and listening to yoga tips by Monica.
Awed by what she explained, Bev and Mei is now eager to join her Yoga class lol!
Way to go Monica!


Talking bout Sabahan Bloggers Gathering earlier, SBG took a new style this year.
Instead of being organise by Jacq, Dino, WC, Julian and myself as 2 years back,
this time, Borneo Colours created an event called B2.0, a 3-day/night event to gather all bloggers, exchange tips with the invited guest-blogger from other parts of the country e.g. Philippine, Kalimantan and Sarawak and also to award bloggers during the blogger award night event.

The preview dinner was held in Imperial Hotel.
As planned by Mars, all of us girls (Mars, Rina, Serena, Jna, Massy and I) wore a dress to surprise Lim and brought the end of the world to him. Haha *inside joke alert*

I was a bit shy to approach the invited guest bloggers,
but i had fun mingling with other bloggers i knew ^^

pics credit to chegucarol

Awww.. just like old time~ ^_^

I also went to the B 2.0 dialogue session on the second day at 1 Borneo.
Met and chat a bit with Cyril Dason and Addy Kho (one of the invited guest blogger from Sarawak/ speakers) about blogging world.
But i didn't manage to take a picture with them huhu :(

Oh well, at least i learned a bit from them ^_^
Hope it can work out.


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2 Responses to "Hello November! - Halloween 2010"

cyzer8 said... November 3, 2010 at 2:02 PM

best gile party tu!!!jelesnye!!!

Cyril Dason said... November 5, 2010 at 3:28 PM

yabah.. nda sempat bergambar pla kita, but its was indeed a pleasure to meet you.

wish we had mor time to chit chat



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