What a fattening day =O

December is not even here yet, but Starbucks has once again come out with their famous Toffee Nut Frappuccino! *yey!*
After gorging myself with McD Spicy Chicken *oh~ how i longed for it*, the girls and I headed to Starbucks and I got my drinks only for RM3.65 =D
Before you go huh? and Hah?, I actually got RM10 discount with the RM10 Starbucks voucher given by Marissa hihihi ^_^ *tq anata!*

Phil's bday was yesterday.
It was the first time we celebrated it together and I got her a box of cupcakes from Boutique Cupcakes as her bday cake.

A month ago, on the night of 9th October 2010, I confidently wished her Happy Birthday.
To my surprise.. i got the date wrong :P
She said, "hehe.. my bday is on the 10th"
Then the next day, i again, confidently said "hah! now i got the date right! Happy birthday!!!"
And she replied "no dear... still wrong.. my bday is 10th.. but in November"
=___= """ sooo kuyak!
And finally yesterday, i wished her again =P

Note to self: must note down every single bday in a book. brain is getting older.

Since it is mid November already, my department is getting busier and busier everyday.
From clients project, to the FOC stuff other departments asked us to do,
my staff is running here and there taking photos and videos just like a headless chicken.

Alvin had been staying up late trying to finish his animation work;
and when he got in the office the next day,
he'll continue to fill up his sleep quota in the office.
and sometimes, with mouth open ><"

Don't believe me?
Here's a proof =D

Yes Alvin... anything can happen in a short span of 10 minute.
*nasib kau ada boss yang sporting*
Don't worry.. he approved me in publishing this photo.
Reason is... even tho he was sleeping.. he can still maintain his la-la liang chai pose =D
(aha... wait till i take a photo of u sleeping with mouth open) XD

Oh! One of our colleague, Razz just got married 2 weeks ago.
He held a KK reception dinner last Friday at Pan Pac and it was a very relaxing dinner I must say.

*oh Hello Mark!*

I forced Julian to eat broccoli (he hates green, just so u know).
To stop me, he made his pedo-smile @_@

LOL! *xoxo*

Anyways, Mei presented me a professional feng shui reading last week ^_^
Will update you on that once i'm done with all of my events, work and traveling first.
What travel?

YES! Am going to Jakarta again soon!!!!


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