9.11 is fading away

Today marks one of the most important date in my life calender.
But it has all become meaningless, now that things are not the same anymore.

I have heard and been told so much info, along with evidence,
which I pray.. and pray so hard that no harm will come to her.
That not 1 finger will be laid upon her.

I tried to help once, but she wouldn't let me.
I then was asked to help next, they both turned their back on me.
Instead of a simple thank you and the word 'I'm Sorry',
things were turned the other way round (TWICE),
alas things have become as how it is now.

I'm very angry and sadden by the whole situation,
so frustrated that i will never can save her,
so hard to swallow thinking of what might happen to her,
so baffled at how she can be so stupid to differentiate the obvious right and wrong and even know how to lie to the 2 most important person, not forgetting sugar coating shitty situation.
Unlike other situation, this time, I'm sorry to say that i have to give total disapproval and zero support, even if u don't need one, as i know that history of the previous generation will repeat again.

As for the guy, am I not an important person that u can simply hop over me and go to the road of happily ever after?
Question: Is it ME who should gain your trust or otherwise?
The picture frame is already filled with lots of people.
For you to fit in, please work on our trust for us to feel safe around you.
Without ME in the circle, you are simply a negative factor.
Just so u know, ignoring me won't solve any problem.
Being upset just because i hit the right nerve will not make u any more mature.

Joining 2 souls is all about responsibility.
Responsibility comes first, your feelings second.
Do not play 'age' game with me.
A man is still a man.
If you can't carry a responsibility to create peace, then i pity u.
You will be just like the other man disapproved from the main picture.

Yes, I am rude, and i now don't beat around the bush.
It's tough to be rude and you know it, cause u taught me.
Yes, I changed.
I changed to not let ppl walk over me like b4.
Despite what u said, I know i change for the better, and not the other way round.
Yes, my long lecture feels dramatic.
But that's the only way to make u step back on earth n not floating to somewhere beyond our reach.

Now, all is about to become too late.

I just wish, on this special day of yours, you will realise that, whatever i do, or whatever i say is so far from meaning to hurt you.
I wish that whatever decision u'll make is right and blessed by the important people u considered around u.
Don't burn bridges, instead connect them both.
Prove me wrong and u'll hv a happy life ahead.

Happy Birthday.

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1 Response to "9.11 is fading away"

LeeHng said... November 10, 2010 at 10:19 AM

:-* its ok sayang. its ok. life goes on :-*


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