When things becoming a routine, please get me out of here

Finally! A long weekend to completely relax.
Well Friday for me at least, as am working part time in Boutique Cupcakes during weekend.

Btw, Happy birthday FOXY!!!
Foxy is my long lost once upon a time best buddy in the ofc.
I missed our yum cha and gossip session every after work.
Too bad you stuck in Labuan now har har.

Anyways, was sooo busy at work today.
Project came piling up out of no where and boy am i so grateful to Allah All-mighty :)
Alhamdulillah. Thank you thank you thank you.
But that means another stressful week ahead to complete all of em. *heh :P*

My company annual dinner will be on the 8th next month and for the 4th year in a row, my department is being asked AGAIN to perform a dance performance =_= *lepas tu complain kata tiada kerja lah apa la... pfft.. tau minta f.o.c job only wth*
Since the word CEO is being put in every sentence nowadays, i guess we have no choice.
Hence, to make us feel less bored with the same dance move as last Chinese New Year, Mars and I decided to dance Ring Ding Dong from the k-pop group Shinee.
Learning by urself, no problem.
But to teach other people, well that's a challenge, as I myself am a noob XD
So to make life easier, i edited the song from 4 mins to 2 mins.
So let's see how it goes in few weeks time.
But do wish us luck so that we can perform greatly in front of ALL THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS!!!!! *matai*

Razz KK wedding reception is tomorrow.
Owh man..what should I wear...
Am not like my sister who has tons of Baju kurung / kebaya in her closet.
My closet is pretty basic. 2 of this... 3 of that..
and though i have lots of new clothes,
i tend to wear the same thing over n over again.
Hey! It's just like my personality :)
For eg: I love food and i've been eying at so many places.
But i tend to stick to the same restaurant... same food again n again.
I can even describe and sell it to you with sugar icing on top.
Not just food..but everything!
Some say it's a good trade called understanding and loyal.
But in my dictionary.. my loyalty can make me stupid and boring.
Boring coz what i like/love gives me hope that the quality of things will improve, but at the end of the day, it was just false hope, the basic need is not even covered and at the end of the day.. a total waste of time.
Ok. Sorry. Been talking crap lately.
And it wasn't even related.
So pls excuse for my constant straying out of topic or if i appear rude/ganas unintentionally =D

K-drama time.
Please...excite me.
Discover Steps to Financial Freedom part time!


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