I'm Glad!

Konnichiwa Minna!!

Yesterday I represented my dad and accompanied my mom to Le Meridien for an 'Appreciation Dinner' hosted by Le Meriedien itself. Lovely Jocelyn, Jeffrey, Lesley and the beautiful finance lady were there too! During the cocktail party, I've met lots of people especially the Sales Director and the Sales Manager of Le Meridien. Ngehehehe! Think big! Think opportunity! I've got their name cards and already have some future plans in mind ngihihihi~ By the way, there were lucky draw during dinner. Jocelyn won 1 night stay at Sheraton Subang KL. Wohoo! After that, they organised a quiz, and I also won buffet lunch for 2 at Le Meridien Restaurant. Nyahahahaha!!

Aside from that, something meaningful happen yesterday. Mr. X and I cleared things out, and he admitted that it was a misunderstanding all along. Anyway, we have come to an understanding that from today onwards, we will treat each other with respect, protect each other from harm and help each other, just like how good friends should do to one another. I guess it pays when you tolerate and patient in dealing with complicated situation sometimes. Whatever it is, to me, you must deal with problems smartly. As my sister have said once, think with your brain and feel with your heart. And it also pays to have great friends around to share your problems and give different advices and point of view. At the end of the day, it is you who have to decide, and you must have the courage to do what you have to do.

As for the gift, he insisted me to use it or else it'll be a waste. Plus, it is considered that the gift will be my birthday present in advance. Guess I shouldn't make things even more complicated now that everything has settled. What's done is done.. I guess my Ms. Ipod Nano has a new friend now, coz she's also an early birthday present from my dad. Thanks Papa! To Mr. X, thank you for always been sincere to me, cares about me and always wants to see me happy. I'll keep my promise that I'll take care of your special gift as what you wanted me to do. To Adz chan, Aleen and Amad... Soweeeee....~

(Ps: guys, from the last blog, the guy that I mentioned was not Mr. OC. Mr. Oc and I are still happily together :D )

Owh! Mr. Foxy Cleopatra finally bought his new precious handphone, that is, Sony Ericsson K800i. Congrats busuk!

Dear Motorola DnG

Dear Motorola DnG magnify
Dear Motorola DnG,

You have always been my favourite since your first launching. Your sleek thin metal gold design always awes me every time I look at your picture. Last Sunday, you were given to me by a special person who is very close to my heart. Honestly, I couldn't resist you when you're already in my hand. I was both surprised and speechless back then.

But... i have to bring my senses back to reality. I don't deserve you. I really don't. I know this person (let me call him Mr. X) loves me and cherish me as if I'm the most precious being in this world, and yet at the same time, he hates me and makes me feel that I'm the most evil being, stupid person and a person with no values. Why? Because I couldn't give my love to him in return.

I know that my current relationship is not like romeo and juliet or love stories, but I always wish and work hard so that things will improve between me & mr.OC. Honestly, we still have lots to learn from one another. I'll tolerate and stay, until the point that my heart couldn't take it anymore. All I have to say, is that, i've tried... But that's another story and issue.. The point is, it doesn't mean I'd throw my 5 years relationship just because mr. x or other people could provide me with the things that lacks in my relationship and be presented with expensive gifts or dinner. I never ask or expect any of it.

Even though he says he didn’t expect anything or something in return when he gave me the special gift, but as a normal human being, anybody would think he actually is. One minute he treats me like an angel, and another minute, he says things that belittling me and make me feel guilty of all the things that had happened. What should I do?

From the start, I could not accept the gift, but he insisted saying that it is only a gift. A gift from a friend. He also told me that the gift is made for a special person such as I am and he just want to see me happy.

The next day, he couldn't even smile at me. Wondering why, I asked if he was O.K. He said he needs to be alone. He also mentioned that the gift was actually the 'last' gift and the 'last' dinner that he will ever give me. I felt confuse. Confuse and hurt at the same time. I'm speechless and don't know what and how to feel. What had happened? One minute he was so nice, and the next minute, he is very cold. What happen to the person that I really cherish all these while, for being a good friend, and a very caring person who treats me like how I’ve been longing to be treated all these while?

He makes me feel guilty with his words even though all these while I've been trying to work things out and makes him understand. I guess it's all too late now; that whatever I'm doing always ended up making him feel more suffer than otherwise. Why? Because he still cannot get my love in return. Who to blame right now? Religion? Family expectations and background? or... Was it me for being nice all these while? Sometimes, i feel it's wrong for being nice to everybody, and it's also wrong to treat other people bad. My honest approach had been misunderstood completely. Now, I am more confused...

He doesn't want you back, DnG... He says, if I don't want to use you, it is OK for me to give you to somebody else, coz he won’t take whatever gifts that he had given to other people. Now, you tell me. Should I start using you or not? One of my friends says, I'll be a bitch with no shame to use you, but at the same time, I'll be the most stupid person if I don’t use you. Then? What next? What should I do to you? Now, I feel even guiltier.

I didn’t ask you to be bought as a gift by someone who's really into me knowing that it just won’t work out. I plan to purchase you when it is the right time. I didn’t expect you to appear on my lap out of the blue..

Now, your image has changed completely. Whether I use you or not, you will only remind me of the good and bad moments about him. You will only make me feel guilty every time I see you.

I'm sorry DnG. I won't use you, and I will not purchase you in the future. Honestly, your image and quality to me has been spoilt completely by the situation. It's neither your fault nor anybody. I just blame the situation.

Mr. OC in town~~

Mr. OC in TOWN!!! Yahoooo~~~~~~ He arrived last Saturday night and will be going back this coming Saturday (19th/August). Sorry that I was a bit busy with work these days. To those who know Mr. OC, let's talk about his visit in KK.
He arrived in KK at around 11.45pm on Saturday and overnight at my house. The next morning, he followed me to Datuk Noni's house along with Chiew Senpai for Hari Wanita 2006 interview session. Why? Coz darn Malar Hotel informed us that there were a miscommunication and guest can only check in after 12pm. My dad was surprised that Mr. OC decided to stay at the Hotel, and later asked me to tell Mr. OC to stay with my family for the rest of his stay in KK. :D
So far, we went to Atmosphere for dinner, watch 'Click' with my mom, my sis and not forgetting Foxy and Caleb, The Hut for lunch, Little Italy, Pizzaria, Dzert, Waterfront and mostly jalan-jalan. Mr. OC went to Karambunai, Gayana Resort, Dinawan Island and Kundasang from his last visit. So this visit is just more to spending time with me. :P
But the most exciting part was shoppppiiiiiingg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've taken 2 days off to spend time with him. Today, we went to Centre Point. For the past 4 months since i've been back to KK, I had never spend more than 2 hours in any shopping complex. Normally, i'll browse and do normal window shopping. At the end of the day, I'll say "Waaaa~~~ Cantikkk~~~ hmmmmm... nantilah / takperlah / tak penting" But when he's here.....everything seems soooo beautiful and important. Wohoo! Hahahaha. We shopped around from 1pm till 6.30pm. I bought so many stuff and more to go tomorrow. Plus, we have facial and pedicure appointments at Dermalogica (AC Beauty Line) Ctr Point. Hmmm.... should I go and get my hair coloured??
Oh, by the way, last night, we went to Portsview Seafood Restaurant. My dad brought us there to have dinner together with his client for International Trading business. There, we met Prince Habiboo, who drives Red Lamborghini from Dubai! Hahaha.. (Note*: to those who watched 'Click' movie, u'll understand what I'm saying). He was wearing the exact outfit from the Movie. Hahaha. He's also the owner of one of the Dubai's International Newspaper.
He told us so many fantastic things in Dubai. Just Imagine, to stay at "Burj Al-Arab" Hotel in Dubai, you have to pay RM25,000 our money for one night!! If you decided to simply 'go and sight seeing', you have to pay RM200!! Mak ai! One of the fantastic thing that he told us was that, outside, you'll only see it as a e.g. 20 floor normal botel. But there are more to it. If you see 20 floors on the outside, when you go inside, there's another 20 floors underwater! i.e. 20 floors above the surface and 20 floors below the surface. Somewhat like a mirror. Nak pergiiiiiiiiiiii~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Prince Habibooo~~~ Nak ikut leh?~

Natural Highs


- Being in love.

- Laughing so hard your face hurts.

- A hot shower.

- No queues at the supermarket.

- Taking a drive on a pretty road.

- Hearing your favourite song on the radio.

- Lying in bed listening to the rain outside.

- Hot towels fresh out of the dryer.

- Chocolate milkshake ... (or vanilla ... or strawberry!)

- A bubble bath.

- Giggling.

- A good conversation.

- Finding a £20 note in your coat from last winter.

- Running through sprinklers.

- Laughing for absolutely no reason at all.

- Having someone tell you that you're beautiful.

- Accidentally overhearing someone say something nice about you.

- Waking up and realising you still have a few hours left to sleep.

- Making new friends or spending time with old ones.

- Having someone play with your hair.

- Sweet dreams.

- Making eye contact with a cute stranger.

- Holding hands with someone you care about.

- Running into an old friend and realising that some things (good or bad) never change.

- Watching the expression on someone's face as they open a much desired present from you.

- Getting out of bed every morning and being grateful for another beautiful day.

- Knowing that somebody misses you.

- Getting a hug from someone you care about deeply.

- Knowing you've done the right thing, no matter what other people think.

Penggunaan 'Bah.."

Guide to using a Sabahan "bah"... Message:

Jom Tengok Penggunaan "BAH" yang betul

Salah satu penggunaan kata yang membezakan Bahasa Melayu Sabah dengan Bahasa Melayu
piawai, ialah kata tambah "-bah" yang sering diguna dalam percakapan. Kata tambah "-bah"
mempunyai fungsi seperti berikut:

1)Kata penyudah untuk menguatkan ekspresi kata

Contoh ayat: Iya bah. - Iya, lah.

2)Kata tambah pemula untuk memulakan percakapan.Selalunya digunakan pada permulaan

Contoh ayat: Bah, pigi la kamu dulu - (Saya menjawab kamu) -Kamu pergilah dulu.

3)Memberi maksud sudah, atau penghabis kata. Pengganti dalam bahasa Melayu ialah "Baiklah", atau "Begitulah".

Contoh ayat: BM Sabah: "Boy, nanti ko pigi beli beras di kadai sana." Boy menjawab, "Bah."
BM piawai: "Boy, nanti pergi beli beras di kedai." Boy menjawab, "Baiklah"

4)Untuk menegur atau menyapa orang. Lazimnya org sabah akan menyebut "Bah" bila berselisih dengan orang yang dikenali untuk tujuan menyapa orang tersebut.

Contoh-contoh ayat:
1."ko orang kk bah kan?"
2."sejuk bah ni air"
3."awal lagi bah ni"


Masyarakat sabah memang sinonim dgn perkataan "BAH" yang begitu unik. Tetapi perkataan "BAH" ini sering disalah ertikan oleh masyarakat selain Sabah. Mari kita menghayati dan renungi penyalahgunaan "BAH" dalam ayat-ayat ini:

1. "apa kabar bah?"-kononnya mau bertanyakan khabar. (Benggong…)
2. "suda makan ka bah?" (Aneh….)
3. "bila balik bah?" (Tak Betul Gak)
4."apa khabar bah" (Sapa Ajar Benda Nie???)

Oleh Itu Marilah Bersama-sama Menggunakan Bahasa Sabah Dengan Betul, Jangan Memalukan Diri Anda Dengan Kononnya menggunakan Bahasa Sabah Tetapi Sebenarnya Salah.

Lagi... Bahasa Sabah And Bahasa Indon are 2 TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS..

Maggie and Pau

My sister told me one joke, but it depends on your creativity to get the meaning fast, or else.. hmm.. it won't be funny.. well... i'll try my best to imitate how my baby sis told me about the story. here goes nothing....

One day, Maggie dengan samsengnya memukul Baby Pau :-

Maggie : (*@^#(*^*&*^#*&%^(*&^!@*&#^)*&)!(#@*!!!! <-- (Hitting Pau)
Baby Pau: Uwaaaaa~~~~~~~

and Pau ran back and reported to his Daddy Tausa Pau, Mummy Kacang Pau and Brother Chicken Pau and the rest of the Pau family. They were so angry at Maggie for beating up their favourite child. One day, they gathered together and marched their way to get back at Maggie. Along the way, they met Spaghetti, and start bitting him up without giving spaghetti a chance to explain.

Pau Family: (*@^#$)!*((*&)!@#&*$^%@!#^$%!&$#!!!!! <-- Hitting Spaghetti

Spaghetti: Uwaaaaaaaaa!~~~ Kenapa korang pukul saya haaa??? Apa salah saya!! Saya tak pernah buat salah dekat korang! Uwaaaaaaa!!!!

Baby Pau: Huh!!! Jangan nak tipu lah Maggie!!! Kau ingat kau buat teknik rebonding aku tak dapat cam kau??!!!!!

Spaghetti: (??????!!!!!)


dZerts magnify

Last Thursday, Foxy and I brought Caleb to 'The Hut' to celebrate his belated birthday on the 19th of July. I must say that last thusday was definitely a lucky day for Caleb. Not only he received ang pow from the colleagues (bday collection for July babies), malam pun kena belanja makan. hmmp~ hmmp~ hmmp~

After eating and chatting at the 'The Hut', Caleb brought us to a juice shop called dZert in damai. The juice and the Avocado Mix Fruit was soooooo deliciousssss!!!! Forget about the Papaya Juice that i drank. Let me explain about the avocado Mix Fruit that Caleb and Foxy ordered.

Avocado Mix Fruit is a mixture of blendered avocado with small scooped of different type of fruits i.e. mango, kiwi, honeydew and watermelon. Just by seeing the food presentation, you'll feel like a little kid being presented with so many colourful delicious candies!! And it tasted soooo goooodd!!

And for that, I dragged Caleb and Foxy (with Lai) to dZert again last Saturday! Mak aiiii!!! I couldn't help to think about all the fattening facts about avocado. Why fattening you say??

One medium-sized avocado contains about 165 calories, and one pound of avocado contains about 890 caloriessssss!!! It's like you makan nasi with lauk! or makan burger! Or makan fish and chips or even spaghetti bolognaise!!! That's a lot for me!!

This is what I found on search:

"Avocados are packed with nutrients. They are useful sources of vitamin B6 and monounsaturated fat. Due to their high vitamin E content avocados have powerful antioxidant properties which help slow down ageing, protect against cancer, heart disease and many other problems. The fat in avocados is mostly "good" fat - the same type found in olive oil, which studies have shown lowers blood cholesterol. However, avocados are relatively high in calories."

"........................." yeah... thanks a lot for nothing!!! Uwaaaa!! Gemok la niiii!! Yada~~~


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