Aww man.. am stuffed... *burb*

Haven't been eating seafood for so long and I finally got my oozing and creamy curry butter prawn just now. Muahahahhaaha. *hey, i work hard to eat that*

Just when i thought of sharing some 3rd kk jazz fest & fathers day pics, i realised I left my transfer cable in the office. =___= .... Whatever it is, happy father's day papa! XD I shall blog more tomorrow coz am 'a bit' free... for now. hehehe.

Oh! Anyhow, cousin Hanis and Hafeez is coming down next Wednesday. *cant wait* and Core fitness on the other hand is having their new edition of dance move for their group workout this coming Saturday (27th June) Yeyyyy! *note: must go early to be in most front*

BB is taking one step ahead in cooking.

He perfected the art of cooking maggie, boiling eggs and reheating food via microwave; and now, he's moving on to cooking pasta.

"so all I need to do is boil it?", he asked
"yes dear. just like cooking maggie"
"Owh! So it's not complicated at all *glorified* but how about the sauce?"
"Errr.. since cooking is a hassle for you, why dont you just grab the ready made spaghetti sauce? Just put 3-5 table spoon on top of the cooked spaghetti and walla! You have a pasta. Just store it in the fridge after you done with the sauce"
"Haaaar.... who eat spaghetti with a cold sauce -___-"
"=____= *and you call yourself master of reheating food* pakai microwave larrrrrrr"
"owh!!! ^____^ right!"

hrmm.... boys and cooking. It's like east meet west.



1 Response to "Aww man.. am stuffed... *burb*"

Mas Light said... June 22, 2009 at 7:38 AM


sotong kuyak! hahahahahha omg~ *facepalm. btw, sotong, do you know that you can goreng the pasta? macam mee goreng hahahahaha XD lets do that...but I ain't gonna eat your cooking mwahhahaha XD oh man I'm evil XD


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