The never ending diet journey

I used to kutuk my ex-boss on how messy his table was.
I even cleaned up his table from time to time if I have the mood.
Now.... my desk is no different .
Quotations, costings, purchase requests, invoice are EVERYWHERE!
My 'recently organised' files are now cluttering the desktop again.

Anyhow, this Saturday is a big day for me.
Well... somewhat big coz I'm presenting my second short film (after college) to 600 crowds gagagaga!
It was a rush job and to be honest, a bit rusty... but am glad I haven't lost my touch ^^
Will post it here soon.

Watched '17 again' last night and I liked it! XD
Tonight, am watching Blood: The last Vampire buahahahaha.
"you're always busy! how come you can go to gym and watch movie when you're busy???"
Hey.. it's time for myself.
And being BZ doesn't mean you have to neglect personal health and entertainment, no?

My Herbalife program is going fantastic.
It's almost 2 weeks before I go for my first 'check-up'. Hehe.
Am liking the shake and protein a lot!
Imagine that the shake only have 89 calories.
VERY low in carbs (9 gram).
VERY low in fat (3 gram)!
9 gram protein.

And if you don't want to lose your muscle while losing weight *you know... those chicken wing arm?*, you can take their soy + whey powder.
It's only 20 calories!
You can put it in your shake.
In soup / yougurt/ juice and etc.
0 fat.
0 carbs.
and 5 gram protein per serving.
Great isn't it? ;)

Assuming I can only take 1200 calories (assume saja lah k...) and following the 40-30-30 ratio of carbs (120g), protein(75g protein) and fat (25g).

shake + protein (2 scoops) = 139 calories (9g carb, 19g protein + 3g fat).

I take my normal meal (of course dont over indulge and less fat / a bit fried stuff or almost none) = 400 to 600 kcal.

shake + protein (2 scoops) = 139 calories (19g protein).

For snack in between, I drink their peach tea or I drink Season's less sugar soya milk. OH! I drank lots of water too. 3L a day XD *tangki air*

For that, I still kenyang, can makan again and again while still keeping my calorie low, high protein, very low fat and carbs.

You can even lose weight without exercise!
But being a person such as I am, I need to exercise to shed the fat fast and allow me to indulge more MUAHAHAHAH~
But of course, discipline is still important (which is the hard part for me sometimes), and the only time I can indulge is in the afternoon or if I have to, at night (but without rice or tooooo fattening food).

I do indulge in KFC sometimes / McD and use their food nutrition chart as guide. The safest i can eat from these outlet so far is Chicken breast (1 ONLY - high in fat ooo that KFC) and McD Fish Fillet burger/McChicken (if I need to).

Diet is easy as long as you know how to play around with it the smart way without giving up what you like to eat. (Am hearing "Yaaaaa lah tu..."... BUT AM TRYING OKAYYYY T____T)

Based on readings and my personal googling, I can summarise that to lose weight and get a nice toned body you can go for high protein diet (not tooooo much though).
If people say too much protein will turn into fat.. dont listen to them.
It's a proven myth.
You MUST however check the nutrient content in whatever food / shake you're having.
Is it high in carbs?
or high in fat and calories?
If yes.. and if it exceed your daily calorie need, THAT will make you fat. *am speaking based on failed experience and experiments.. gagagaga*
Even Hugh Jackman is taking LOW carbs and fat to bulk up and have a clean hunky-hubba-hubba cut bodyshape of Wolveryn for 1 year!

But then this is just me.
You can do your own research for your own body type.
Different people needs different program ;)
But if you want to know more about Herbalife or anything at all, you can email me for info /order.

Ok. Gonna hit gym now. Tata!


2 Responses to "The never ending diet journey"

a.l.u.s said... June 11, 2009 at 11:31 PM

ur on herbalife!! good gal!!!!
good luck ya!!!!!!!
no more KFC for u ok!!!

Amy C said... June 12, 2009 at 5:10 PM

waaaah.....cayo cayo fara!!!!

u knw wat? my boss give free herbalife drinks in the office for all staff -__-" he bought like alot of it...

...guess everyone in my office is cumuk2 belaka, dats y he ask us to "try" la konon...eheheheee.....

good luck fara!!! XD


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