Let's watch French Film Festival!


See? A female doraemon in disguise. XD

Remember the photography session I announced before? Well, this picture was taken during our product photography training with sifoo CV chong (Chong Chin Ve - which was BB's sifoo as well), an experienced & independent photographer whose photos are sought after by the tourism industry; I couldn't ask for anybody else coz he's just perfect for the job.

We basically refreshed and polished some of our photography skills... had a lot of Q&A during the hands on training.. and guess what? I even discovered other functions in Kenji! *my Canon G9 that is* Weeeee~


SPArKS French Film Festival is going to be held starting tomorrow till Sunday at GSC 1 Borneo.

The tickets priced at RM35 per show which you can obtain from the GSC Cinema at 1Borneo on the same night.

The 1st Film, Change of Address (comedy) *which I'll be watching* will be shown on Fri 26 June at 6.45pm, 2nd Film, The Axe (thriller) on Sat 27 June at 7.30pm and the 3rd Film, My Sister and Me (comedy) on Sun 28 June at 7.30pm. If you want to read the synopsis, click here.

Tickets are selling fast, so to all you movie enthusiasts out there, don't missed out on this event! XD



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