When all of your girls gone for training, who else to look for but Tan Foxy.

"Tan foxy! Am bored.. entertain me"

"Ya goofy nina. What do you want me to do"
"hey.. was just wondering.. what can we do together even tho you in Labuan aa?"
*nvm.. am suprise how i ended up talking chinglish these days*
"'DO' together? how?"
"(.......pause.....) SOT!!! Do web project bah! Hahahahahha"
"hahaha! Phew~! If you're thinking what I'm thinking now.. I dunno o. Coz I've never tried doing that in a long distance XD"
".... (man)...."


Anyways, was weighing myself this morning on the digital scale.
And to my surprise, my body fat gone down!!!! Yeyyyy!
And I drop 2kg! Wheeeee~~~~ *yosh! ganbatte!*


MsFerrari is being a bitch nowadays (not to say it's entirely her fault but i just had to say that). It gave me so much hassle to repair the dvd rom, reformatting it and configuring/finding drivers for the stupid windows 64 bit. *pfft*

Clifton and others are busy with training, hence they'll be the first people I dont want to disturb. Eventually, my ex is the last resort. *squirms...* (i can never bring myself to feel less awkward.. hrmmm..) But aaaaaaaanyhow, I called to seek for tips, coz he formatted msferrari before, chit chat for a bit, catching up and told him about my trip to KL next August.

"Hrrmm.. who's gonna pick me up hehe XD" i innocently asked
"how should i know", he replied *ouch.. never expect that would come out from him*
"oooowwwwkaaay... anyways will touch down on the 12th ^___^"
"but 12th is a working day!"

oops.. I'm sorry. I forgot I'm no longer the gf.

Oh well. I shall zip my mouth.


I know I should be blogging about Jazz Fest (even Jenny from Impact Zone been asking for it) hehe...
But come to think about it, as I was sitting with the sound engineers doing live video switching at far back, all my photos seemed too far from the stage and pixelated.
Thus, I don't feel like going into the details.
But here are some of the photos anyway~ (obviously, I only took those I like)

Jonathan Tse

Double Take (Mia Palencia & Roger Wang)

Son2Nos (UK)

Nah Youn San (korea)

All in all, am loving Jonathan Tse, Double Take, Son2Nos and also Nah youn San (which was not too bad) ;)

If you want to know more about Jazz, or about the artists, click on its official website.
Am still recovering from it XD.


For Father's day, we brought papa to Tg Aru Seafood Restaurant.
I skipped the rice (as usual) and ate the SEAfood instead. *slurp*
No photos of food, but more to cam-HO. XD

I have to admit that Father's day is not as exciting as mother's day *and require less effort~ ngengenge~* but papa was happy regardless, coz all of his children are around ^3^.

For presents, Nadia bought papa a Japanese wind chime.
According to her, it's for papa to 'call the wind' *huh?* and hear the soft tinkling sound while drinking his cold beverage in a hot day.
Awww.. how soothing.

Mama and Cici on the other hand bought few sets of beautiful fabric for him. One of them reminds me of Maybelynn tv advert where they showed the blue eyed white tiger. Uuuuuuu~~~

I.. *ehem!* bought papa a China emperor design tie set with a funky thing-a-magic box in blue color XD *I just had to describe it like that coz the size was pretty small XD*

"so small????" cici retorted
"Shut up =__="

But he loved it! Kecil-kecil cili padi okayyyy *squint eye at Cici*

I know it's late, but Happy Father's day again papa! *muaks!*

oh!!! And today is Arthur and grandma's bday too!

Happy Birthday Arthur! Happy Birthday Wan! *muuuuuuuuuuuaks!*


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maslight said... June 24, 2009 at 7:51 AM


Astaga fara...another combined post XD


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