I miss watching TV :(

and if it weren't for staying at my grandma's place these few days, I might have forgotten how 'TV' looks like XD

I heart AFC..
Makes me drool just by looking at the food preperation *slurp*

Oh! Oh! You know what else I watched?
Pemburu Hantu
a Malaysian version of Ghost Hunters

What lar with Malaysian TV these days?

They just have to copy the 'orang puteh' version of tv series/programme.

But from that show, you can see all the local Hantu.
e.g. pontianak lar.. orang bunian lar...
Last night show was more to orang Bunian.
About how this uncle seeked help from the 'pemburu hantu' to proof that his experienced was actually true.
Experience which made people laughed at him, thought that he was being coockoo.

The story is like this.

Once upon a time, this uncle drove back to his kampung.
Then along the way he stopped by a small eatery place beside the road.
The place smelled good and nobody was around that time.
He ordered a fried rice and according to him, the fried rice he ate was the best he ever tasted.
The next day, he went there again, but the place is no where to be found.
He got curious, and asked around.
People there said, there has never been a restaurant by the road side.
Some say he might be fooled by the Orang Bunian.
To his knowledge, if you eat something served by 'orang bunian', you are actually eating 'cacing' (if it's a mee goreng) and 'ulat' (if it's a nasi goreng).
So in this particular 'Pemburu Hantu' show, they did a flash back by repeating this uncle's experience and to my surprise, showed him EATING a real ulat.
Grandma and I was like "YUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKK!!!", "EWWWWWW", "BUUUEEEEK" dan sewaktu dengannya.
If you curious, watch it.

Anyhow, grandma got a new kitten.
She named her 'lala'

"what a simple name.. buahahaha!" <-- Nadia. 'Lala' berasal dari pasar. (hey.. it somewhat rhyme XD)
She followed my uncle back basically.
Very tame.
Very mischievous.
Very territorial.
She slept with me last night. Ngehehehe.

Was informed by BB about how good Obama's speech in Egypt last night.
I didn't know, coz like i said, I dont watch TV. *sob.. but I did watched his previous speeches before*.
So i 'Youtube' it up, and found THAT speech.
Indeed, it was mind blowing. period.
For those who's interested/ missed it, you can view it here.
Hopefully what he said will be put into action :) InsyaAllah.

I am bloody pissed with the finance department.
No wind no thunder, suddenly slashed my milage claim into half.

Being a person who is VERY particular with every digits and numbers, this action is definitely intolerable.
They didn't even have the courtesy to INFORM me of what they did.
Imagine if i didn't notice it????
"everybody here have grudge on them" , CYK snorted.
"tell me about it =_="


Am looking for a photographer who specialised in INDOOR photography.
Product photography to be exact :)
and this is for my company's next product archiving project.

If you are the person I'm seeking, email me at bobidom@yahoo.com and tell me your price to train 3-4 people for a duration of 1 week.

You need to teach these people on:
*How to do studio set up for product photography i.e. lighting, backdrop and positioning of camera(s)
*Aperture and Shutter Speed i.e. playing around with light meters
*Assist in basic studio set up for the first 3 days at the project location (which I'll inform you once i received your quotation/pricing) somewhere around next month (JULY)

We're hoping to get this 'tuition/workshop' to start A.S.A.P before end of JUNE.

So if you have any friends who's VERY good in this field, buzz me now!



2 Responses to "I miss watching TV :("

maslight said... June 5, 2009 at 12:16 PM

LOL it's never wise to watch translated tv programmes XD

b said... June 5, 2009 at 6:51 PM

my tv is being occupied all the time by my aunties... have no rights to touch the controller at all but to stay watching astro on demand... :(


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