Creative Dreams International - Business Opportunity & Michelle Koh's Zumba!!!!

Hey I'm back from my 3 day CDI training at Nexus :)
Met lots of new friends and most importantly, i learned a lot.
Remember the Creative Dreams International (Focus A e learning) product i blogged before? (here too)
Well, initially i was only into helping out my dear friend Eve,
but after a thorough study, I noticed that the CDI business is different :)
And I decided to join for part time ^_^
I know i have lots of continuous learning to do, but if it can assist me in anyways to be financially independent, I'm all up for it.
*hey life is short, might as well make full use out of it ^_^*

The 3rd photo show Dr. Ali Qassem (a famous motivational teacher) who had been invited to Creative Dreams International - Supreme Leaders Convention last weekend to share some of his expertise with the participant.
Initially, he didn't know what the heck CDI was all about.
After understanding it, HE decided to join CDI coz he saw a great business opportunity in this.
You guys should consider too :)

Visit: to know more about the business to know more about its unique product (soon to take over Malaysia education system) to visit Focus A Sabah blog for news and events.

For preview, come on to Palace Hotel Kota Kinabalu tonight at 8.30pm for a Free Financial to Freedom Business Opportunity Seminar. Contact Eve at 0168201125.


I also joined Michelle Koh's Zumba class recently after being recommended by Joeanne.
The class was super fun, and it helped me to sweat on days i don't have my Japanese class :) *i froze my core fitness account at the moment*
All photos below are from Jackie's blog *click click*!

Did you spot me in the photos? :P

The Zumba class has now started every Tuesday 6-7pm at MPMS building, and Friday, same time at her studio (Scott and Michelle studio) in Damai (above RCH).
Her Zumba class cost RM50 (4 session), RM100 (10 session) and RM180 (20 session).
You can choose which day to go and each of your session will be marked off from each class you attended. So it is OKAY if you suddenly have to miss 1 class due to work/unforeseen circumstances.

I also got an info that Michelle is still doing a personal training service.
So i got in touch with her, and she told me that she charged RM750 for 12 sessions (1 person) or RM450 for 12 sessions (2 person).
Obviously the second option sounds better :) and i have few friends lining up to join me as partner =D
Gonna do more digging up on the terms and condition tomorrow night before i put my final decision on paper :P

Watched back to back movie last Sunday with BB :)
I am no. 4 looks like Smallville + Twilight and Burleque was awesome!
I really really really loveeeeeeeeeee the dancing scene throughout Burlesque movie.
Made me frustrated that i couldn't find modern dance/hip hop dance class here in KK.
Anybody care to share if you know any?



2 Responses to "Creative Dreams International - Business Opportunity & Michelle Koh's Zumba!!!!"

KKPilates said... March 16, 2011 at 12:22 AM

Synergy Dance Studio in Cosway building, opposite SMC junction, Damai.

NoyIbrahim said... March 17, 2011 at 3:54 PM

Zumba class? i never knew that there is zumba class available at kk? i only watch zumba exercise from youtube. too bad that im not living at kk. if not, for sure, i'll be joining it. have fun Zumba-ing! hehe :)


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