Repeat after me...


It's not a new language, fyi. :P

Am just shaking my head to clear off whatever that's in it.

My brain is still trying to cope with the new year.
My so called year end holiday was totally occupied with my other part time job,
even the very last weekend before today.
Tho I'm so used to multitasking, even a robot need some time to rest for maintenance.
That reminds me...
I haven't been to any proper facial for one whole year.

While everybody is making lots of resolutions for 2009, am skipping that totally
coz what I want now, is what I've always wanted years back.
Make more money, settle whatever shit I gotta pay, learn new skills, lose more
weight...*gotta firm myself up*, make lots of friends, enlarging my network circle
and have my own business.
My real resolution will start NEXT YEAR... hahaha... and I know it's waaaay too
advance to say it now XD
and one of them is to save RM20k FOR MYSELF!

With my ciput salary now, I don't know how I'm gonna achieve that number but
I'll make it happen baby!

But that is in 2010 la. Haha! *bengong*

I bought new SE hp charger yesterday.

It was a very desperate attempt, and I wasted RM50 just for that.
Served me right also.. tu lah always keep things everywhere till I forget where
I put my last charger.
The last charger BB bought for me 'kiok' dy coz not ori.
So u see...? Buy ori. =_=

I was offered to become a sub committee (publicity) member for the upcoming
Jazz Festival which gonna happen next June.
I'm not sure how the event gonna be this year, and that's what i'm trying to find out in tomorrow's meeting.
For 2009...
One thing I might consider to do is read more books... maybe buy at least 1 book a month and vow not to skip any CLEO magazine this time!
Yesh.. I'm a mag junky.
Oh! Oh!
And eat my asthma med EVERYDAY *woops~*


1 Response to "Repeat after me..."

Mel Celestial said... January 5, 2009 at 9:49 PM

Good luck! I'm definitely tossing resolutions out of the window.... they are pretty useless to me so far as they are always forgotten in the middle of life. I have decided a long time ago to take it one day at a time, and age gracefully :)


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