R.I.P Michael Jackson ;(

Owh man.. never knew it would feel THIS hurt.
EVERYBODY is talking about it.
For those who have been wondering or wishing MJ would melt and bankrupt when he's old, you happy now?
F u!
Ergh.. so much for a great news on a happy off-day Friday.
I missed and gonna miss him even more.
Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun. Amin.

May Allah always be with you MJ/Mikaeel.

Let's watch French Film Festival!


See? A female doraemon in disguise. XD

Remember the photography session I announced before? Well, this picture was taken during our product photography training with sifoo CV chong (Chong Chin Ve - which was BB's sifoo as well), an experienced & independent photographer whose photos are sought after by the tourism industry; I couldn't ask for anybody else coz he's just perfect for the job.

We basically refreshed and polished some of our photography skills... had a lot of Q&A during the hands on training.. and guess what? I even discovered other functions in Kenji! *my Canon G9 that is* Weeeee~


SPArKS French Film Festival is going to be held starting tomorrow till Sunday at GSC 1 Borneo.

The tickets priced at RM35 per show which you can obtain from the GSC Cinema at 1Borneo on the same night.

The 1st Film, Change of Address (comedy) *which I'll be watching* will be shown on Fri 26 June at 6.45pm, 2nd Film, The Axe (thriller) on Sat 27 June at 7.30pm and the 3rd Film, My Sister and Me (comedy) on Sun 28 June at 7.30pm. If you want to read the synopsis, click here.

Tickets are selling fast, so to all you movie enthusiasts out there, don't missed out on this event! XD


When all of your girls gone for training, who else to look for but Tan Foxy.

"Tan foxy! Am bored.. entertain me"

"Ya goofy nina. What do you want me to do"
"hey.. was just wondering.. what can we do together even tho you in Labuan aa?"
*nvm.. am suprise how i ended up talking chinglish these days*
"'DO' together? how?"
"(.......pause.....) SOT!!! Do web project bah! Hahahahahha"
"hahaha! Phew~! If you're thinking what I'm thinking now.. I dunno o. Coz I've never tried doing that in a long distance XD"
".... (man)...."


Anyways, was weighing myself this morning on the digital scale.
And to my surprise, my body fat gone down!!!! Yeyyyy!
And I drop 2kg! Wheeeee~~~~ *yosh! ganbatte!*


MsFerrari is being a bitch nowadays (not to say it's entirely her fault but i just had to say that). It gave me so much hassle to repair the dvd rom, reformatting it and configuring/finding drivers for the stupid windows 64 bit. *pfft*

Clifton and others are busy with training, hence they'll be the first people I dont want to disturb. Eventually, my ex is the last resort. *squirms...* (i can never bring myself to feel less awkward.. hrmmm..) But aaaaaaaanyhow, I called to seek for tips, coz he formatted msferrari before, chit chat for a bit, catching up and told him about my trip to KL next August.

"Hrrmm.. who's gonna pick me up hehe XD" i innocently asked
"how should i know", he replied *ouch.. never expect that would come out from him*
"oooowwwwkaaay... anyways will touch down on the 12th ^___^"
"but 12th is a working day!"

oops.. I'm sorry. I forgot I'm no longer the gf.

Oh well. I shall zip my mouth.


I know I should be blogging about Jazz Fest (even Jenny from Impact Zone been asking for it) hehe...
But come to think about it, as I was sitting with the sound engineers doing live video switching at far back, all my photos seemed too far from the stage and pixelated.
Thus, I don't feel like going into the details.
But here are some of the photos anyway~ (obviously, I only took those I like)

Jonathan Tse

Double Take (Mia Palencia & Roger Wang)

Son2Nos (UK)

Nah Youn San (korea)

All in all, am loving Jonathan Tse, Double Take, Son2Nos and also Nah youn San (which was not too bad) ;)

If you want to know more about Jazz, or about the artists, click on its official website.
Am still recovering from it XD.


For Father's day, we brought papa to Tg Aru Seafood Restaurant.
I skipped the rice (as usual) and ate the SEAfood instead. *slurp*
No photos of food, but more to cam-HO. XD

I have to admit that Father's day is not as exciting as mother's day *and require less effort~ ngengenge~* but papa was happy regardless, coz all of his children are around ^3^.

For presents, Nadia bought papa a Japanese wind chime.
According to her, it's for papa to 'call the wind' *huh?* and hear the soft tinkling sound while drinking his cold beverage in a hot day.
Awww.. how soothing.

Mama and Cici on the other hand bought few sets of beautiful fabric for him. One of them reminds me of Maybelynn tv advert where they showed the blue eyed white tiger. Uuuuuuu~~~

I.. *ehem!* bought papa a China emperor design tie set with a funky thing-a-magic box in blue color XD *I just had to describe it like that coz the size was pretty small XD*

"so small????" cici retorted
"Shut up =__="

But he loved it! Kecil-kecil cili padi okayyyy *squint eye at Cici*

I know it's late, but Happy Father's day again papa! *muaks!*

oh!!! And today is Arthur and grandma's bday too!

Happy Birthday Arthur! Happy Birthday Wan! *muuuuuuuuuuuaks!*

Aww man.. am stuffed... *burb*

Haven't been eating seafood for so long and I finally got my oozing and creamy curry butter prawn just now. Muahahahhaaha. *hey, i work hard to eat that*

Just when i thought of sharing some 3rd kk jazz fest & fathers day pics, i realised I left my transfer cable in the office. =___= .... Whatever it is, happy father's day papa! XD I shall blog more tomorrow coz am 'a bit' free... for now. hehehe.

Oh! Anyhow, cousin Hanis and Hafeez is coming down next Wednesday. *cant wait* and Core fitness on the other hand is having their new edition of dance move for their group workout this coming Saturday (27th June) Yeyyyy! *note: must go early to be in most front*

BB is taking one step ahead in cooking.

He perfected the art of cooking maggie, boiling eggs and reheating food via microwave; and now, he's moving on to cooking pasta.

"so all I need to do is boil it?", he asked
"yes dear. just like cooking maggie"
"Owh! So it's not complicated at all *glorified* but how about the sauce?"
"Errr.. since cooking is a hassle for you, why dont you just grab the ready made spaghetti sauce? Just put 3-5 table spoon on top of the cooked spaghetti and walla! You have a pasta. Just store it in the fridge after you done with the sauce"
"Haaaar.... who eat spaghetti with a cold sauce -___-"
"=____= *and you call yourself master of reheating food* pakai microwave larrrrrrr"
"owh!!! ^____^ right!"

hrmm.... boys and cooking. It's like east meet west.


Isn't it better to have your family around?

My big important assignment is done! Huraaaaa

As promised, I've uploaded a short commercial / community message I made few weeks ago.

Really couldn't have done it without the help of the talents e.g Papa J and his family, Aunty Jaya's family (my neighbour), Aunt Tracy's family (my reliable insurance agent) and most importantly my grandma and Paksu (oh wow.. it sounded like grammy award muahahahaha).

Thanks to Amir Yussof too for the sexy voice. If you don't know who Amir yussof is, *nooo.. am not gonna say 'shame on you'* but SHAME ON YOU!!! Haha. Kidding. Amir had done tons of voiceover projects for major brands like Canon, Samsung, McD and A LOT more. According to him, my commercial project was his first v.o in malay. That means, I've got to direct him on the intonation muahahaha. *kof *kof .. ok... go to his official website to know more - click here :)

Anyways, the client loved it. The guests liked it. It's a bit rusty and can be improved, despite the rush and lack of tech resources, but am proud of it :). Oh well.. hope you guys like it too.

Here goes.

Malay version:

English Version:

The never ending diet journey

I used to kutuk my ex-boss on how messy his table was.
I even cleaned up his table from time to time if I have the mood.
Now.... my desk is no different .
Quotations, costings, purchase requests, invoice are EVERYWHERE!
My 'recently organised' files are now cluttering the desktop again.

Anyhow, this Saturday is a big day for me.
Well... somewhat big coz I'm presenting my second short film (after college) to 600 crowds gagagaga!
It was a rush job and to be honest, a bit rusty... but am glad I haven't lost my touch ^^
Will post it here soon.

Watched '17 again' last night and I liked it! XD
Tonight, am watching Blood: The last Vampire buahahahaha.
"you're always busy! how come you can go to gym and watch movie when you're busy???"
Hey.. it's time for myself.
And being BZ doesn't mean you have to neglect personal health and entertainment, no?

My Herbalife program is going fantastic.
It's almost 2 weeks before I go for my first 'check-up'. Hehe.
Am liking the shake and protein a lot!
Imagine that the shake only have 89 calories.
VERY low in carbs (9 gram).
VERY low in fat (3 gram)!
9 gram protein.

And if you don't want to lose your muscle while losing weight *you know... those chicken wing arm?*, you can take their soy + whey powder.
It's only 20 calories!
You can put it in your shake.
In soup / yougurt/ juice and etc.
0 fat.
0 carbs.
and 5 gram protein per serving.
Great isn't it? ;)

Assuming I can only take 1200 calories (assume saja lah k...) and following the 40-30-30 ratio of carbs (120g), protein(75g protein) and fat (25g).

shake + protein (2 scoops) = 139 calories (9g carb, 19g protein + 3g fat).

I take my normal meal (of course dont over indulge and less fat / a bit fried stuff or almost none) = 400 to 600 kcal.

shake + protein (2 scoops) = 139 calories (19g protein).

For snack in between, I drink their peach tea or I drink Season's less sugar soya milk. OH! I drank lots of water too. 3L a day XD *tangki air*

For that, I still kenyang, can makan again and again while still keeping my calorie low, high protein, very low fat and carbs.

You can even lose weight without exercise!
But being a person such as I am, I need to exercise to shed the fat fast and allow me to indulge more MUAHAHAHAH~
But of course, discipline is still important (which is the hard part for me sometimes), and the only time I can indulge is in the afternoon or if I have to, at night (but without rice or tooooo fattening food).

I do indulge in KFC sometimes / McD and use their food nutrition chart as guide. The safest i can eat from these outlet so far is Chicken breast (1 ONLY - high in fat ooo that KFC) and McD Fish Fillet burger/McChicken (if I need to).

Diet is easy as long as you know how to play around with it the smart way without giving up what you like to eat. (Am hearing "Yaaaaa lah tu..."... BUT AM TRYING OKAYYYY T____T)

Based on readings and my personal googling, I can summarise that to lose weight and get a nice toned body you can go for high protein diet (not tooooo much though).
If people say too much protein will turn into fat.. dont listen to them.
It's a proven myth.
You MUST however check the nutrient content in whatever food / shake you're having.
Is it high in carbs?
or high in fat and calories?
If yes.. and if it exceed your daily calorie need, THAT will make you fat. *am speaking based on failed experience and experiments.. gagagaga*
Even Hugh Jackman is taking LOW carbs and fat to bulk up and have a clean hunky-hubba-hubba cut bodyshape of Wolveryn for 1 year!

But then this is just me.
You can do your own research for your own body type.
Different people needs different program ;)
But if you want to know more about Herbalife or anything at all, you can email me for info /order.

Ok. Gonna hit gym now. Tata!

I miss watching TV :(

and if it weren't for staying at my grandma's place these few days, I might have forgotten how 'TV' looks like XD

I heart AFC..
Makes me drool just by looking at the food preperation *slurp*

Oh! Oh! You know what else I watched?
Pemburu Hantu
a Malaysian version of Ghost Hunters

What lar with Malaysian TV these days?

They just have to copy the 'orang puteh' version of tv series/programme.

But from that show, you can see all the local Hantu.
e.g. pontianak lar.. orang bunian lar...
Last night show was more to orang Bunian.
About how this uncle seeked help from the 'pemburu hantu' to proof that his experienced was actually true.
Experience which made people laughed at him, thought that he was being coockoo.

The story is like this.

Once upon a time, this uncle drove back to his kampung.
Then along the way he stopped by a small eatery place beside the road.
The place smelled good and nobody was around that time.
He ordered a fried rice and according to him, the fried rice he ate was the best he ever tasted.
The next day, he went there again, but the place is no where to be found.
He got curious, and asked around.
People there said, there has never been a restaurant by the road side.
Some say he might be fooled by the Orang Bunian.
To his knowledge, if you eat something served by 'orang bunian', you are actually eating 'cacing' (if it's a mee goreng) and 'ulat' (if it's a nasi goreng).
So in this particular 'Pemburu Hantu' show, they did a flash back by repeating this uncle's experience and to my surprise, showed him EATING a real ulat.
Grandma and I was like "YUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKK!!!", "EWWWWWW", "BUUUEEEEK" dan sewaktu dengannya.
If you curious, watch it.

Anyhow, grandma got a new kitten.
She named her 'lala'

"what a simple name.. buahahaha!" <-- Nadia. 'Lala' berasal dari pasar. (hey.. it somewhat rhyme XD)
She followed my uncle back basically.
Very tame.
Very mischievous.
Very territorial.
She slept with me last night. Ngehehehe.

Was informed by BB about how good Obama's speech in Egypt last night.
I didn't know, coz like i said, I dont watch TV. *sob.. but I did watched his previous speeches before*.
So i 'Youtube' it up, and found THAT speech.
Indeed, it was mind blowing. period.
For those who's interested/ missed it, you can view it here.
Hopefully what he said will be put into action :) InsyaAllah.

I am bloody pissed with the finance department.
No wind no thunder, suddenly slashed my milage claim into half.

Being a person who is VERY particular with every digits and numbers, this action is definitely intolerable.
They didn't even have the courtesy to INFORM me of what they did.
Imagine if i didn't notice it????
"everybody here have grudge on them" , CYK snorted.
"tell me about it =_="


Am looking for a photographer who specialised in INDOOR photography.
Product photography to be exact :)
and this is for my company's next product archiving project.

If you are the person I'm seeking, email me at bobidom@yahoo.com and tell me your price to train 3-4 people for a duration of 1 week.

You need to teach these people on:
*How to do studio set up for product photography i.e. lighting, backdrop and positioning of camera(s)
*Aperture and Shutter Speed i.e. playing around with light meters
*Assist in basic studio set up for the first 3 days at the project location (which I'll inform you once i received your quotation/pricing) somewhere around next month (JULY)

We're hoping to get this 'tuition/workshop' to start A.S.A.P before end of JUNE.

So if you have any friends who's VERY good in this field, buzz me now!


A little peck on the lips :")

"OK sayang, I'll see you later"

"Okay~ ^___^" *offers forehead for a kiss*
"??????" *offers cheek*
".................." *peevishly shakes his head*
"what do you waaaaantttt???!!!!", looking left and right.
The surroundings clearly doesn't permit.
*puckers up*
I said, "NO"

I'm still shy =__=

Stupified ><"

Been away too long =_=
Waaaaaay toooo long for this blog.
Bad.... this is bad...

Had a sleepover at my grandma's place for the past two nights; and boy am I proud to beep in my attendance earlier than my manager. Buahahahaha XD (My grandma's place is just 3 minutes away hohohohoho. ^3^ *whistle* )

Anyhow, I have sooo much to tell; hence I'm gonna brief it out in summary aight ^__^. So here goes...


Tok Wan's passing

Most of you probably have known that my beloved grandpa just passed away.
Yes, it IS still heartbreaking; god knows how the memories of arwah Tokwan is still lingering, repeating and playing in my head like old records;
I also have this habit of looking left to where my late grandpa's used to rest whenever I drop by to the house.
But hey, I am staying strong as always. We all are; especially my grandma.
Life has to go on, and arwah Tokwan is now back to Rahmatullah, away from this life's burden.
Reading sacred lines from Yassin will be the best to ease his journey.

Even now that all family member is back to their hometown, living life as usual, but the memories of the 1 week gathering stays.

Arwah Tok Wan brought us together :) and I'm pretty sure he's very happy especially to see that all his children (except Aunty Za) are finally here together.

The guy in white, sitting down far left is my uncle Eddy.

He is the only one with a feature closest to arwah Tok Wan. Check this out:

This was when arwah Tok Wan was interviewed for P.Ramlee's documentary.

Sama kan?

Hugging Uncle Eddy is just like hugging Tok Wan :)

But as how quoted by my grandma, "Your Tok Wan is much more handsome than Uncle Eddy".

Ouch. Haha. (Thank you soooo much Hanis for uploading this).

Yes. Seniour version of 'peace' sign.

The only one missing in the picture is Uncle Kelana and Aunty Za. Arwah Tok Wan has 9 children all together ^^. View more photos here.

Anyway, despite the patched bond, (in my personal opinion) it is still somehow sad to see that this moment only happen after one is gone. Even so, I'm really grateful that the misunderstandings and differences are sorted out (somehow) and hope the ties will be much stronger now.

Like what they've said, blood is indeed thicker than water.


Life & Style + Bandwidth launching:

Big congrats to both Elson & Caleb for the classy high class launching of Life&Style; and kudos to Arthur for his boom-bam-pow-wow launch as well.
The grand launching was held on the same day, same time @__@, but BB and I somehow managed to squeeze into both XD

All pictures credit to Life&Style (Jacq) and Bandwidth :)


BJJ and Muay Thai is now in Core Fitness:

Yes!!! Both Brazilian Jujitsu and Muay Thai is now in Core Fitness!
They were having demos last week and me loving it long time~
The on lookers (girls mostly) were giggling looking at the guys wrapping around each other and rolling on the mat like sushi.

Above is BB trying out the jujitsu class.
Bergelut-gelut... hahahaha XD
I had a go for Muay Thai class and twisted my waist muscle for 5 days! @___@
My mistake.
I was contemplating to join the class at first and missed the warm up session.
Hence... serious muscle ache. Shit =_=


Serious Savings:

I've been saving up as much money as I can, and used a portion of it 2 weeks ago to repair Ms. Ferarri and Piper's tyre (I is Broke =_=).
Aunty Na is going to Geneva soon and Mama said that I can tag along as long as I have my own budget.
Sleepover in London, trip to Russia, hang out in Paris..... *drools*
But this is the problem.
The date clashes with my trip to KL / Singapore =_=.
It can still be fixed, but that means I have to miss the toy convention and fork out extra money to change my KL trip.
AirAsia.. what do you expect. =_=



A never ending story I believe ><". I lose a f.e.w kg and gained a bit of lean muscle thanks to my' almost everyday' gym routine. BUT... (yes.. there's always a but) I just need to lose this extra FAT!
I admit I have trouble in eating healthy.
I always forget to eat breakfast.
LOOOOOVE Junkfood... *CUBE chocolate cheesecake is an exception.. ohohohoho*
So despite trying to look better, I also want to be healthy on the inside.
*me don't want those fats beginning to wrap around my organs.. eww.. *
I'm sick of the 'no tarps, no tarps' or super low calorie diet and ended up losing muscle /gaining up double and triple after that *believe me, I've been there*.
I need something to replace my meal as everyday routine, fix and affordable, balance content and high protein (better) and most importantly, convenient. (I always have trouble finding good.. and I mean healthy food in the morning and after gym).

So in the end, after consulting with my friends who uses Herbalife, I decided to give it a try.
Well, at least for the first set.
So we'll see how it goes in about 2 weeks to 1 month time.
I'll definitely share with you guys.


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