Whatever happens to MJ??

I love Michael Jackson.
I don't care whatever people say about him or
that his face now looks like voldermort I still like him.
Once an MJ fan, always an MJ fan.
When I was 7, I used to quarrel with my uncle.
We argued whether MJ is a man or a woman.

She is so cool...”, I told him
She????? He's a guy lah!”
“No she's not!!! Listen to her voice! AND she's wearing makeup!”
“He's a guyyyyyy.”
“NO! She's not! She has long hair!”
“HE is a guy! He doesn't have boobs ”
“SHE is NOT!!!”
“HE is!”
“is NOTTTT!”
“HE ISSSS!!!!!”

Then we started to pull each others hair =_=”.

In the end, he was right.

Not because I agreed with him.

It's because I saw MJ tore his white shirt apart and saw no boobs at the end of his 'black and white' video clip that we were watching at that moment.

*You should've seen the stunned look on my face 0_0!!!!*

When my dad's friend lend me his MJ MTV collections video tape, then only I knew that he is originally black *honestly I have noooo problem with that* gack... But I do thought he ate or did something.

The best MJ look for me is definitely gonna be “smooth criminal” vclip.
The vclip also brings memory when I was 'dating' my childhood 'puppylove' friend in a bar.
Yes.. Bar =_+”.
How did we get there?
That'll be another story :P
But I promise you, it was not something that is bad XD
The uncle bar man even left us there continue holding hands watching MJ movie coz seriously.,. At 10 yrs old, we have noooo idea that pub is not a place for kid. Buahahahaha.

But yeah... whatever happens to him now? I only hear him singing, but I see no MJ. *sigh*

After having MJ and Nsync as my most favourite dancers, I have the Jabbawockeez (
Randy Jackson: America's Best Dance Crew) now as my new favourite. Hihihi.

Fyi, I just have this thing* about man in mask XD
* literally speaking of course ^^ *

This is when they were asked to perform MJ's dancing in honour of the 25th year anniversary of MJ's "thriller" album:

And this is one of my favourites.

The compilation of the 7 weeks of dance has been licensed.
But you can still search for single episode in YouTube and am sure you gonna love it. ^^


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