Buka Puasa@Tuaran

As how we have practiced every year before Hari Raya, today, we went to my aunt’s house in Tuaran for our yearly family break fast.

As usual, my dad has never failed to pack up, if possible, the whole pasar ramadhan stalls by buying lots of foods, kuehs and whatever he could lay his hands on. =_=”

Aside from the take out food, my Aunt made some home cook meal, not forgetting the traditional ambuyat, some BBQ chicken, brownies, bubur kacang, Leong Fun susu, my favorite hot Nescafe with milk and most importantly.. sambal belacan. Fiuh~~~

Man… those food really kicked me to sleep.

While waiting for my parents chit chatting; also, thanks to Shin Chan’s comic and Nadia’s comfy gebu-gebu lap, I was literally knocked off to la-la land right after I finished my night prayer. Heaven I’m telling you ^^
*yes.. I’m prepared for the added kilos*

On our way back home, there was a massive traffic jam caused by a police road block starting from 1 Borneo, all the way to the McD/Shell station near Yayasan Sabah.

I’m not sure what happened but the police men were literally checked ALL cars, one by one for their road tax, seatbelts and driving license.
*too bad Kenji had run out of battery, else I would’ve taken some picture*

So guys, buckle up and make sure everything is ok before you head on the road okies?


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