Cici and I planned on taking Nadia out for buka puasa today.
So after my tv series routine in the office *yeah.. awkward that am kinda free lately* I fetched and drove Nadia and her friends from UITM to 1B to sungkai at KFC.

As I sat down, Jeal pointed out that the girl who was sitting behind him was Heliza.

“Hah? Who’s that?” , I blurted out
“U know.. the Akademi Fantasia 5 girl... the previous season before Stacy won”
“ermmm…. *recapping* Oooo.. THAT.. is she the UMS girl?”

She looked tall in television. But in actuality, she's just about my height.
*uuu~ that means in TV, i'll look tall too. Gagagagag* Coughs... XD
So not wanting to be so dogok, we just left the girl alone to have a quiet buka puasa with her friends.
But I would have to say the group who was sitting behind us was quiet ‘gerigitan’.

“Dia kah tu??? Heliza bah tu kan”
“Eh ndak la… ish tapi macam dia”
“Eh.. dia tu… mesti dia tu”
“Tapi nanti kita salah”
*Double twitch*
“Try jak lah.. mana tau”
“Tapi dia kah tu aaa?”
*this is getting annoying*
“Betul bahhh… Dia bah tu kann…”
“Iyaaaaaa Iyaaaa… dia lah tuuuuu! =_=” I said as I turned around.

Geeez.. annoying gila

After I said that baru they all shut up.

After we witnessed the short ‘af celebrity meets fan’ photography session
*which happened right in front of us btw*, Heliza packed her bag, turned to me, waved and said bye.
*Har har. She said bye to me. Not you guys. Boo boo~*
So I got few eyes looking at me afterwards XD
Coz little that they know when I went to wash my hand, Liza was just behind me queing up. So naturally, we smiled and chat while washing up.

Oh! Nadia and I went to Yogur Berry to grab ourselves some hot Roti Ikan afterwards. Yum Yum!

If you’re planning to go to Yogur Berry in 1B anytime soon, do try their latest in house sticker dart game.
For every purchase of RM10 in a receipt, you’ll get to play the dart game *3 sticky dart bullet per game* to win free meal/toppings.

So in our case, Nadia’s friend won themselves Honey Dew and Strawberry Syrup toppings XD Wheeeeee~

Currently am laughing my ass off watching Seigi no Mikata and animes in between.

I got home too early fyi.
And to my surprise, I just realised I arrived at work early today as well.
*THIS doesn’t happen too often ladies and gentlemen*
Wowee junior juice *duh*

Mama is in Johor. Papa is in Sandakan. Cici is out with friends…
Called up few friends nearby but all are eating at home, on other outings or on their way to hospital to operate some humans.
So am so dead bored at home now.
When I’m all so free sanalah si sotong have sport outing T-T.

*screaaaaaaaaamsss!!! ><"*


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