Dinosaur +1 = Happy Birthday!!!

A big shout out to papa Dino Dinosaur coz he turned *tutttttttttttttt* today!!!

Right after work, Mars and I went to fetch Nadia from Uitm to 1B for her yet another craving,... The Sushi King. =_=”

As soon as we finished with dinner, we window shopped and landed at Street 2 where we found a gift that is perfect for the dinosaur XD

“Happy Birthday dad!!!! XD ”, I shouted as we reached Jade
“Oooo thank you!”
“Nah… your present from me, Julian, Marissa and Serena ^^”
*looked into the bag*
“This present size is not up to my qualification, take it back”
“Nanda kore????????!!!!!”


You seeeeeeee???? The T-Shirt is cool

I picked the PURRRRRFECT mascot just for you.
Nga nga nga nga nga~

“Ape shall never kill Ape”

So remember not to kill any apes okay Dino? Hohoho

“Actually she’s the monkey”, Dino told Marissa *referring the monkey to me*
“If she’s the monkey.. and since she’s your
so-called ‘daughter’, that makes you a gorilla”

“erk.. =_=”

Buahahahaha! You think you can kutuk me with Marissa. Wrong person dad!

Right before we head back, Audrey forced us to stay for the cake cutting.
She was practically pointed a knife at her sister (Serena) to not move XD.

Oh well.

Your birthday comes once a year anyway... so what the heck.


Happy Birthday


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