capital (L) proposal

Look what I found in Damai.


I’m not sure if this is a trend or whatsoever.
But by now I’m sure most of you have encountered this..ermm… proposal(?) near the Damai/Foh Sang traffic light area.
The KL people did it.
And to my surprise, the Sabahan is picking it up as well.

I know proposal is suppose to be sweet and big bang badaboom romantic…
But THIS????
I don’t know lah.. =_=”
Whatcha guys think?
Do YOU ladies feel it’s romantic?
What if that guy is your boyfriend?
What if the name is YOUR name?
How would you react?
I know I’d go tutup muka with newspaper.
No offence to the guy.
It’s just me.
I love dum dam powwow proposal and I mean it.
But having my bf face in a billboard where thousands of ppl can see especially during traffic jam is just….



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