It’s day-20 of puasa and mama decided to have a small makan-makan at home.

Few others like jacq, wc, adz and the gang, amie, rina, serena and etc weren’t able to come and yesh… it was partly my fault because of some last minute issues ><".

But nevertheless, we had a great time.

We had Nasi Lemak, Bubur kacang Durian, Some BBQ chicken and fish, Kuehs, Meehoon, a super kick sambal belacan and delicious ice cream brought by Marissa.

The initial plan of wanting to cook only few dishes end up too many and everybody were stuffed.
*But I hate the nyamuks!!!! I was bitten ALL OVER*

We also had a cerita hantu session after dinner ><”
*I know.. I’m a scardy cat in this kinda things*
And of course, the most common one is the story about ‘kena tindih’ when you were asleep
But when you hear a real experience ghost story from Rainer, you just can’t help it but to glue ur butt to the chair and bear with it.
*Oh man… I just learn a new exciting AND scary thing about Rainer as well*

*This is Dino dinosaur telling his story btw*

Am currently listening to Nadia’s winamp playlist and the Jigoku Shouko ghost soundtrack just scared the shit out of me.
*clicking NEXT*
With all the cerita hantu being told, and me being ALONE in the house at this very moment *mama and cici are sending back some frens* I have no choice but to sleep early with the lights on… heh =P.


*Pelita in the garden*

PS: Omg… omg.. omg… Seigi no mikata has finally ended.

It was effing GREAT!!!!!

You guys MUST watch it. Seriously.



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