CSP Juice Outing

Papa just got back from Japan. Wheeeeeeeee
*Dalam hati: Envy tahap gaban*


I thought of waiting for few photos from Radzi but oh well.. am bored
So I figure I might as well blog about the ClickStartPlay outing in Tg Aru just now.

Putting 'other' tak best stuff aside, I love the CSP outing earlier.
I met new friends.
Chat, gossip and LOL a lot.

I also met another Keroro Gunsou fan with Kururu's evil laughter as his sms tone
(sounded "Kuuuuuuuuukukukukuku~" XD) and baka Panja just wont stop throwing
peanut skin at me....TWICE

Which* in return, I threw a lime back at him and gave him 2 Shin Chan ear twist
*padan muka kau*

Edit: These just in. Thanks Radzi for the cool pics!

Simply put, I laughed a lot

Here are some of the outing photos:

Ngeeeeee ^^ I like...
I bet the stall 6 were very happy to have us there too XD

It also goes without saying that CSP can share the same tagline as Nokia
i.e. : "connecting people" XD

Yesh... as you can see BB on the other hand had a work discussion.
Looking at the short time I had, I think I glared my fish eyes at him few times before, during and* after the meeting.
But since he said it's for our own good *whatever he's planning* so what the heck.
I gotta work tomorrow and be home early anyway.

Current status:
Swimming in NYNY lake chocolate.

*blup *blup *blup



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