BOBIDOM is the name XD

So Fara… what does ‘bobidom’ mean?
It’s nothing~
Oh come on… you can’t be serious…
I am!!!

It’s not just my friends… I’m sure YOU are wondering the same thing as well.

What IS* ‘bobidom’....... Really?

If I said it means nothing, I’m sure you won’t let me rest until I really explain the donkey history about it no?

So now anak-anak… read carefully

When I was in form 3, my best friend, Melissa, stayed with me for a whole year.
*her parents were in UK to study by the way*

During her stay… I admit… I always… buli and teased her… a lot *smack self.. hehe*

So one day, when I was being my usual self and call her weird names…

*zzzt~ zzt~ zzt~~~ flash back………..*

Just Imagine Dexter and Didi of Dexter's Laboratory scene here:

+ + + + + + +

“Mel~ = MELISSA….. Melissa = MELOSOT….Hahahaha~”
, I teased her…. Again.. XD
“Grrrrrr….. it’s not funny~”, she replied coolly as always
“Mel~ Mel~ Melosot~ ..... Mel~ Mel~….” , I continued singing & rhyming
“Heyyyyyyy! Stop it!!!”
“Mel~ Mel~ Melosot~ Melosot SOT SOT XD ~”
“Grrrrrrrrrrrr………erghh… Errr…Bob… BOBIDOM!!!!!!
"Huhhhhhhh??? - blur for awhile
"What’s that?? XD ”
“Err… am not sure…it just came out XD ”
“uuuuuuuuuuuu… I kinda like that name XD ”

+ + + + + + +

So there ya go.

That's how the name was invented... Out of pissed and angry Melosot. Hahahaha!

Since then, I started using the word for my email, then to my nick name, to my online messenger and to whatever I do up until now.

Oh~~~~ It’s soooo original. Muehehehehehehe~

So MELosot… thank you for giving me the name... and thank you for sticking up with me up until now tho I budak jahat XD Hohohoho. Am not sure you meant good or bad that time but I liked it XD

And guysss! Say Happy Birthday to Mel coz she’s getting a year older than me today. Wheeeeee~~~

...and in 45 days, she’s gonna be the most gorgeous Sabahan Angelina Jolie bride in KK!!! XD


muaks! muaks! muaks!


Ok... My almost an hour phone conversation with her just now is seriously gonna kill my brain. =_="

Am off to sleep.



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