Blargh =_="

BLargh... =_="
My flu and cough is worsening and it is so not cool

I had to go for my DJing, be cheerful on air and every pronounciation I made seems like a war of non-stop sniffing and sneezing and sounding like a cave woman.
I think I'm coming down with fever soon. ><"


The Canon workshop I attended today was more or less the same like the previous year.

There were lots of DSLRs, shooting and snapping here and there, even Kenji is afraid to go out from the bag ><"

*Kenji is my Canon G9*

Bumped into few friends with their own snapping guns; but what suprised me most was when I bumped into George, the MC, which was also my former uni friend back in MMU XD

*George and I*

*Miss Massy and Moi*

I was too tired to stay longer. So I got bored, sleepy and went home. But before walking to my car, BB took me around the parking lot on his Mama Jagu (his bike, fyi). It was fun XD Wheeeeee~~~


BB hadn't sleep since last night and hadn't eaten for the whole day today.
So I called him *I know he was in his deep sleep* to wake him up to eat

Jom... eat first... later continue tidur. You haven't eaten the whole day
mmm...where are you....
Am in Damai. Jom... Makan first
Erm... you still there?
B! Wake up! Don't sleep on the phone.
*sedey~~~ biar benar mamat nih*
XD *I guess he really went back to sleep*

Kesiannn =_="


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