wow... I remind myself again why I hate online messaging.

"pergilah cari bf kaya"


After picnic in front of the TV with Cici, I went out to meet up with the BBQ gang at the beach.

*BBQ Gang*

Wheeeee~~~ It was soooo nice to see them all again.
Brings back a lot of bbq time memories.
Really wish Rum was there with us.

*Si orang gilak*

Was surprised when Yazrin told me he just got back from doing Umrah in Madinah.
I always wonder when will I get the same chance to do the same.
Oh well ^^
*loud pat on the back* Good for you Yaz!

Despite the scary wind earlier, it was a very cool and calm weather nonetheless.
Really loved the atmosphere

Oh! and Damian the sea man and Elsa were there too.
*they recently got engaged*

Anyhow BIG HUGS to Abap.
Happy Birthday girl!!!

Awwwwwwww ^^ ... *coughs*

The Ice Blended Hazelnut was freaking sweet ><" and the cake was filling..
I couldn't finish it.
*part of the reason was I talked too much and got full.. hehehe*

"Tu laaa.. next time makan... makan diam-diam", Says Uncle Damian
"Chiap~ Chiap~ Chiap~ Chiap~ Chiap~"


Ceh! That's ok bah.
Roger is ALWAYS there to the rescue.
Kan Roger ^^ Ohohohohohoho!



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