Like . Love . Lust

Exactly a year ago, I was embraced in a moment
where I wished time could have just stopped moving.

It was convincing and yet so confusing.
I thought that the feeling is real;
I thought that all it is said was true.

Back then,
I wondered *still am*, when is ‘liking’
someone becomes love?

Coz you see, there are all kinds of liking someone.
You can like your friend, and you can like someone
you admire.

But where is the exact boundary where liking
someone changes you to truly loving them?

Before today, I didn’t know much about his true self.
About him; about my own feelings.

Hence, I tend to make judgment by the way things appear;
yet little that I know that someone true self might turn
out to be completely different from their appearance.

Tho I felt that my feelings were toiled around, I’ll never regret a single bit of it.

I learned my lesson, became stronger, mature, realise my self worthy,
have more courage to speak up, happier and appreciate every single
moment around me.

Bad experience doesn’t mean that you have to be bitter and
love another person any less; and bad experience doesn’t give
you the license to hurt other people to make yourself happy.

What if he or she is the right person for you?
Don’t you think you’re just doing what had been done to you?

A friend of mine told me once,

“one of my goals in life is to make money and be successful so
that I can bring her to all places in the world because she loves
photography and food”

He was being blunt over what he felt, and it feels so heartwarming
to know that his partner is one of the lucky woman in this world.

I admit, I’m still a hatchling when it comes to love...

I had a very little love experience *believe me, I do not wish to have so many*
and being a woman, we will always be a complex person.

Nonetheless, I do know well that one of my goals in my relationship
is to be a supportive companion, a good listener and a great cook for
his tummy ^^ Hehehe.

What about your* goal in your* relationship?

I hope this question is something for you to ponder upon and decide.

PS: Happy Birthday papa Haru


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