Finally, a decade in a millennium :)

I heard a lot about how 2009 been treating to a lot of people.
Yes, it's a bitch for some and heaven to others.
But life is like that, no? :)
There's up and there's down.

If you're kind enough to ask, 2009 was average for me.

No matter how shitty the processes in between, I accepted the challenge and didn't regret any single one of it.

Not only it made me have a good sense of my strength and weaknesses, I also learn to accept myself just as I am.

And for that, I wouldn't forget those who guided, supported and endured it with me; to make me become a better and wiser individual :)

In 2009,

On professional level,

*Silverhand is born
*I got promoted and currently head a multimedia department
*Organised Hobbycon 2009 & other events
*Involved in local and international events with renowned and talented people
*Made a video commercial and another in the process
*Established a lot of connections

On personal level,

*On duty together with BB on Sabah Vfm Radio (BB also won the champion for Sabah vfm guest dj competition)
*Had my first jalan-jalan trip with BB and met BB's mom
*Celebrated Christmas 2009 with BB's family
*Paid ALL my credit card debts
*Finally got into yoga (which I never had patient for before)
*Stand up to ridiculous, unreasonable, stubborn, tak sedar diri and susah mau diajar people (Hey, I'm EXTREMELY nice and VERY FRIENDLY person to be friend/work with, but unfortunately they messed with the wrong lady ^__^)

and lots more!!! *I can't recall and not all are recorded in this blog* XD

So you see, if you note down the good list that had happened to you, you might consider twice about bitching all the bad things ;)

The experiences above may not be a wow factor to people, but it meant a lot to me :) And it all happened with the will of god :)

I believe in this world and society, there are some people out there who work very hard to make things happen, while some other just moving their mouth, sulk and being plain E.M.O about everything and anything.

Word of advice that I heard just now was, "go suicide kalau inda tahan about life"

So? Do view life optimistically no matter what.

Else, refer to the quote above. Haha.
But after all that happened, I'd surely going to miss the talented people that had passed away in 2009.

*Arwah Yasmin Ahmad

and most importantly,

My Grandpa :)


It's 3 minutes to 2010.

I have a feeling that 2010 is gonna be a great and exciting year.

Good luck and Happy new year everyoneeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Turned 26 on 26th :)

What are the odds? ^_^
I finally turned 26 on the same number in December XD

Yey!!! Happy Birthday to me!!!

Since it only happen once in a life time, am gonna make the most out of this birthday post hehehe.

So bear with me and here goes!


My birthday started out with 2 hours of Yoga class at Core Fitness and a Birthday lunch at my usual favourite place to celebrate... Little Italy XD

BB cut me some slack by ordering extra portion of my favourite Trenette Arrabiata and boy,... I was SO full after that XD

I requested for a Tiramisu cake as dessert at Bella Italia; but little that I know, upon finishing my lunch, Daniel, my FB friend/seniour staff at Little Italy gave me a surprise by singing a Happy Birthday song while bringing out my favourite Little Italy Tiramisu cake XD *yeyyyyyy*

It was a surprise indeed coz BB swore it wasn't part of his plan to complote against me. Hahaha!

Thank you very much Dan!


After watching Zombieland movie and a drink at Starbucks, BB & I fetched my grandma to go to my Bday dinner at Beverley Hotel.

Being an event organiser, and a constant organiser to almost every friend's birthday for many years, it's VERY HARD to not expect something on my own special day.

It's a very bad habit of me as I've been told, coz it'll just spoil my own surprise and might dissapoint me if it didnt come true or not up to par, buuuuuuuuut... you get the gist :)

Plus, I had received few spoilers even before my birthday XD *see what I mean?*

"Ergh...Those idiots >=(" BB blurted in dismay. Haha! *pats *pats

I once told my mom, if I could choose a theme for my birthday or my wedding day, I would go for all white.

Unlike my sister who's a forever psycho fan of pink, I never had a specific favourite colour coz it always changes with time :)

I use to like Yellow after watching Flash Man.

Reason being is because the actress was beautiful.

Then, I switched to Pink, just because everybody at school liked it.

But it didnt last long, coz it wasn't me at all.

Next, my taste in colours changes to ocean blue *still am*, then it evolves to multi colour ranging from Red, Black, Apple Green, Baby Colours, Colour pekat-pekat, and yada yada yada........ in other words, if you just throw in whatever nice matching colourful stuff, I like! Which clearly shows I never stick to one thing unless it serves me a purpose :)

But one colour that will never get me bored will definitely be the basic white :)

And for my birthday this year, as YOU might expect after reading my bla bla bla on the above, I have it all in white, painted with colourful friends, dancing, singing and laughter :)

Welcome to Aya's 26th White Birthday Fiesta!

Initially, before I went into the function room, I know deep down that there IS going to be a lot of people inside.

But the question is,.....who? :)

As I stepped into the room and see lots of friends, colleagues, family, glamorous & beautiful all white deco, lights and christmas tree, I had nothing more to say but a wide smile on my face :) I trully felt VERY happy & blessed to be surrounded by my love ones :)

My girls (Mars, Serena & Rina), J.Na and I (It's so refreshing to see Mars in White)

From Left: Me,Abap, Adz and Roger

Mei, Me and Jet

Jet, Me & BabyFace Sam

Look at Soh's cute T-shirt. Care to pet? XD

Papa giving welcoming speech

I was seated on a big grand looking chair facing the main stage while getting all the attention and nice acknowledgement from the guests.

It's funny to think that at certain level in life, everyone want a certain attention given to them.

But when you actually get it, it felt reaaaaaaaaaaally awkward XD

Seriously, despite the constant DJing and MCing job I've done before, I am still NEVER good at Improv speaking without a proper planning on what to say.

As you can see from the goofy expression I had on my face above, I really talked noncence here ><" I cant even remember what I said during that time and only know that it was gibberish =_="

That's why I always fail when it comes to quarelling with people with sharp mouth.

I only know how to talk with my hand XD hehe.

The cake cutting ceremony... *TQ BB for the CUBE Chocolate Cheese Cake!*

The Group Pic...

More pictures will be updated in FB soon :) *internet at home kinda sucks =_="*

So stay tuned!

PS: Similar to Cici's bday last November, Rina brought back bunch of helium balloons from my bday party for her to wish on.

After wishing for the success of Hobbycon before, this time I asked her for one important wish :) And I really hope it will come true.


Below are the presents I receive this year...

Clinique Soap (Jna), Monitor Frame (Soh & Bev), Parker Pen (Mars & Jason)
*hehe, I can sign my quotation with my own pen now* & Perfume (Abap & Adz)

Anna Sui Lip Gloss (Mei & Jet), Alice in Wonderland classic (Rina) *I LIKEEEE!!!!* The Body Shop
Strawberry bath set (BB) *he also gave me white MNG top for the party* & Kate Moss Perfume (Mama)

Dinner Clutch (Nadia), Carlo Rino Purse (Aunt Zuraini) and Beaded & Gold necklace (Mei)

Sophie Kinsella Shopaholic Book set (BB, Lim, KC, Mars, Serena & Rina) *YAHOOOOOOOO*
& Top / Necklace (Cici)

If you notice, my birthday presents for this year are mostly books *yey!* and toiletries.

"Wow... Perfume, Shower gels, Branded soaps... XD..."
"Mama... adakah aku busuk?"
"Maybe XD"


Aaaaaaaanyhow, puting that aside, I really thank my parents especially my mom, *I know it's not cheap ><", the rooms, the food, the helium balloons....omg...*, my siblings, my Julian *i love you dear* and all friends and family for making it fun and happening.

Though I'm a self-birthday-spoil sport every year, I really appreciate that none of them has given up hope... yet XD haha!

I really love you guys! *huggggssssss*



Note to Chiew -I don't forget you :) Thank you for treating me breakfast at Starbucks for Christmas and early bday celebration!

Wishing for the best year till my next birthday! Cheers!!!


Christmas 2009

When I was little, I 'half' believe in Santa Clause.
Saying 'half' means, during the night before Christmas, I would go to my window, looking at the bright moon, hoping and wondering if I will see Santa and his flying sleigh throwing presents down the chimney.
But on second half, deep down, I know clearly that that will not happen. *Plus, we don't have chimney here!*

As you would have known, my family dont celebrate christmas.
But I thank god my parents are not the type who would go and spoil my childhood imagination just because we're Muslim :)
We, or at least I take Christmas as a time to exchange gift and making others happy with presents.
Kinda like thanksgiving :)
What makes it better is that, my birthday is just right next to it! and I sometimes got 2 presents! XD

Last year's Christmas was my first time celebrating it with BB.
We exchanged gift, and I received big Sotong-Chan plushy, followed by it's comrade the next day on my Birthday from Lim and the gang.

This year it's different.
This time, I celebrate it with BB AND his family :)


Although I meet them almost every week, I felt a bit nervous having a proper dinner with the Lee family.
But it all went really well ^_^ BB's dad is a sporting guy, and they made me feel like I'm apart of their family :)

Remember what BB want for his Christmas present?
No, I didnt get him FF13.
That gotta wait coz the english version is not out yet.
Instead, he got this :)


2 Adidas Tshirt, 2 matched socks and the best present of all, PS3 TEKKEN 6 and ASSASSIN CREED 2 GAME!!!! XD

I'm loving his expression as he discovered it ^_^
He was baffled on where I got it at a very short period of time + cheaper.
Which I gotta thank Chinyit for recommending and giving me tips on how to get it.
*wont deny the drama that came along with it*

For my present, BB got me a black Adidas jacket and am loving every bits of it!

BB's dad got a Tshirt and his favourite home movies, KC got a new wallet and grandma on the other hand got a brand new hand bag and a pashmina :)

BB's dad also gave me a box of Chocolate for my birthday XD and when BB called his Mom in Seremban, even she wishes me Happy Birthday!!!
I know I sound like I'm over reacting, but it felt really great when people treat you as part of the family AND actually remember your birthday :)


After we finished with dinner, BB, KC and I went to continue our Christmas celebration by visiting Mei at CUBE.

I couldnt eat much there coz I was so full from eating the roast lamb at BB's place. Instead, I munched on the cup cake and Kasturi Juice :)

Look! Mei took a photo of us with her new polaroid camera that she got from Japan!

It was very exciting to see the polaroid coming out from the camera and waiting for the image to appear XD *Rule 32: Enjoy the little things*

Thank you Mei!


Our last stop would be at Robin's place.

There, my tummy screamed for surrender. I couldnt even drink water ><"

After spending the whole morning hunting for presents, *watch 'Muallaf' movie in between* and 3 stops of dinner, all I want is to go back, kiss my pillow and sleep :)

But as I tried to close my eyes, the clock striked 12am, and Nadia barged into my room, switched on the light *ouch, my eyes* and screamed Happy Birthday!!!!

What happened next?

My mom, my 2 monkeys and I started to sing and dance in the room like nobody's business XD

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to me!

Will update my birthday post next.

BB's gonna be here soon and I in need of shower! Tata!

Merry Christmas :)

Though I'm not eating eggnog below...

have a Merry Christmas everyone :)

Don't forget to take tons of photos of the beautiful Christmas tree AND kiss your love ones under the mistletoe! XD Muehehehe..

Today, I'm gonna have my first Christmas dinner with the Lee family and drop by CUBE Restaurant for a delicious chocolate cheesecake and a Sweetie Sesame Ball before going to Robin-chan's open house :)

Tomorrow, I'll be a year older and hopefully richer & wiser XD


1 more day to my long holiday ^^

and the office felt so quiet coz most people are already on leave.
*that's a good news for me nyahahahaha!*

This Friday will be the second Christmas celebration between BB and I.
He asked kinda hinted for PS3 Final Fantasy xiii game for our gift exchange.
Being not-so gamer myself, i thought it only cost RM100+
But RM350??? *wth*
and it's not even english version!
Sorry B, I bought your present already haha!
*pats BB's head*

To keep myself discipline *and yes, i hope this action doesn't jinx it*, I put a new
'Road to PTPTN freedom'
gadget at the bottom right of this blog.

I seriously don't want to be paying PTPTN till I'm 30 years old, so i decided to pay it big and fast a.s.a.p now that I don't have any credit card bill to pay XD

So wish me luck!

I do what I gotta do, and I did it

It has been a week since Hobbycon 2009 ended.
Not gonna say it was a total wow, but I'm very happy with the crowd and that all worked out accordingly. *yey* =3

Lots had happened because of this event.
Misunderstanding, bailing out, misjudged, accusation, gossips, rumours, lost of trust... and to keep the peace, most people chose to sit on the fence and observe.

We lose friends.
We gained friends.
We earn respect.

In the end, all the hardwork, multitasking, forking out own hard earn pocket money and sleepless nights are worth it.

Everybody had fun.
Everybody is talking about it.

And now that I have the packaged format in hand, I can't wait to organise the next Hobbycon 2010!

Our President:


Detecke SIA



David Hotaru and team

Happy Chocolate


BBoy Matt


Poke Beach

Econspiracy - Magic Show (THEY WERE AWESOME!)

Abu - Beat Boxing

Cavaleria (EVA)

Cavaleria - Pumpkin

Above were the performers for Hobbycon 2009.
Without them, the stage will be empty, and we'll all be screwed.
*I really can't thank them enough :)*
Oh! Paksu's band - The Maboroshi also performed on day - 2.
But I don't have the picture :(


Other than organising, BB and I were also the MC for this year.
And we both cosplayed for both days! :)

D Gray Man on the first.

And Naruto Shippuden on the Second.

Unlike the last 2 years, this year, I have to help gather, buy and in charge of the cosplay outfit and props for BB, my 2 siblings, an uncle and a cousin.
Handling the TWO sets of cosplay outfit for 6 PEOPLE was definitely one hell of a job; which I'll leave it to another day to tell.
But having my family to join and experience Hobbycon for the first time was also one of the factors that make all of this seems so worth it.
Cousin Hafeez even flew down from KL to become Lavi of D Grayman and Gaara of Naruto Shippuden.

D GrayMan Group

Naruto Shippuden Group

As expected, J-Na bagged the champion for the cosplay competition (solo category)...

Joanna Lye (Champion - Sisters of Battle from Warhammer),
Paksu Ezani (1st Runner Up - Allen Walker from DgrayMan) & Shariff (2nd Runner up - Bill of Left4Dead)

...and H-Law won the 1st place for Cosplay Competition (Group Category).

The H-Laws

If you were there, YOU know they were cool.

It was a close match nonetheless, coz everyone had put their effort in the competition.

A big congrats to you guys!

For the Mascot Design Competition, Edmond from SIA won the 1st place.

From left - Maguro Relle (2nd Place), Edmond (1st Place), Rina (One of the Judges from TDD),
Kong Pui Ling (3rd Place) and Eva (Consolation)

His mascot called Vee Vee will become Hobbycon 2010 mascot XD
So stay tuned to what Vee Vee might bring you next year ;)

Other Activities:

a) Fukuwarai (Lucky Laugh game)

Fukuwarai (BEFORE)

Fukuwarai (AFTER)

This game was actually a simple game which I improvised from the original format to fit my Day-2 outfit.
and It turned out funny XD
Everyone had fun!

b) Live Canvas Drawing (headed by TDD)

c) Gothic-Lolita-Punk (GLP) Competition (Street 2)

I've got the opportunity to be a judge for this one.
Man... who said it was easy being a judge?

"Can I choose all 5 to win?", I asked Regina
"No dear. Just final 3"

See? I can't choose!

d) Fun filled booth and photo taking with lots of cosplayer

We're also very grateful for all the feedback, comments and suggestions given to improve Hobbycon, and we REALLY hope that more volunteers will help us in the future.

Though we have lots of ideas, but even superman and wonderwoman need help sometimes XD *We only have 2 hands*


Now that the event has ended, I'm very tempted to say (and I have so much to say) if I wanted to, but come to think of it, it's just not worth it. Plus, I had fun was quiet amuse watching people eating their own words.

Nonetheless, this event will not happen without our sponsors, contributors & performers.

Most importantly, it will never happened without the help of my 3 lovely & supportive girlfriends, Rina, Marissa and Serena.

To the committees, the volunteers (especially people like Ranald -PA/Sound Man, Ultraman-Booth Registration, Maslight, Edgar, Charles - Photographers) and other supporters, e.g. the crowd *Facebook group friends, fans & CSPian*, videographers, photographers, whoever I know and actually came to the event & share all pictures & videos *you know who you are* ... you guys are great.

I'm very sorry if I couldn't layan everyone ><" Things were very hectic @_@


See you next year!

PS: All pictures above are credit to Massy, Addy Nova, Edgar, Charles, Leanna, Maguro, Joanna Quintin and.... did I miss anyone? ><" *do lemme know*


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