a new taste from the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

BB included me for Coffee Bean's food tasting last year..
But I totally missed it *bugger*
So this year, Shan invited again for a food tasting to promote Coffee Bean's latest beverage and snacks.. and FAT CHANCE am gonna miss it this time!

Went with the neko-girl a.k.a Serena.
BB wasn't around coz he was in Seremban that time. *huhu*


I thought it was gonna be all coffee/chocolate drinks and to tell you the truth, I'm all ready to stay awake and get a heart pumping/high due to coffee/chocolate overdose. LOL.

Instead, we were served a new drink called Red Bean Ice Blended.

Oh.. em.. gee... ><"

Do you remember the Red Bean Ice Cream Potong you used to suck during hot weather / watching tv????

That's exactly how it tasted!!!

Instead, it was the melted version and BETTER.

Sedap man I kid you not. My sis Cici and mama would definitely love this one XD

This drink costs about RM12 for a regular size and honestly, since it's so creamy/yummy, I got full half way. Personally I would prefer small size in the future coz I want to save my tummy compartment for this:

*Mandarin Cheese Cake*

Sinful! Sinful! Sinful!

I vowed not to eat too much of a cheese cake *Me dont want to spoil my 'diet'* but this is so dangerously delicious. SO RICH & MOIST. Uncle Wendell said so too...


You can get this for Rm8.50/slice and shared with a friend/special someone. Even I had to share with Serena and Adel. Too full.... HrmmmM Hrmmm~~~~ *no!!!! keep those craving outta my headdddd* T_T

Other snacks served were the Chicken Pasta (It was ok) , Chipotle Chicken Sandwich (Love this!), Cheese and Tomato Sandwich (the tomato looked so big... so I didn't try it. LOL!) and Salad Nicoise (great.. but me still love their Ceasar Salad XD).

*me eating Chicken Pasta*

*Chipotle Chicken Sandwich and some salad*

*Uuuuu... look at all the empty drinks on the table XD*

This promotion lasts until the 15th of March (?) if I'm not mistaken. So you MUST go there and at least get your hands on the Red Bean Ice Blended and the Mandarin Cheese Cake! =3



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